Vanderpump Rules Star Reveals Why She’ll Look Different in 1st Scenes for Season 10

Ariana Madix

Getty Ariana Madix.

Ariana Madix has been a familiar face on “Vanderpump Rules” since 2013, when she first popped up as a guest on the first season, per IMDb. By season 3, she was a main cast member and girlfriend of her co-star Tom Sandoval.

Fans have seen Madix sport a variety of looks throughout her run on the Bravo reality show, but she’s not particularly looking forward to the reaction she may get to her current look when “Vanderpump Rules” returns for its 10th season.

Ariana Madix Had a Swollen Eye While Filming VPR Season 10

Fans who follow Madix on social media know she has been looking better than ever. But in a July 14, 2022 Instagram story, the former SUR bartender filmed herself holding an ice pack on her face as she shared an unfortunate update. In the clip, Madix told her followers that she herniated a disc in her lumbar spine and was prescribed steroids, but she hesitated to take the prescription just ahead of filming “Vanderpump Rules.”

“I don’t want to be on Prednisone the first couple days of filming because I don’t want to look like moon face and I always tend to look like that any time I’m prescribed steroids,” Madix revealed.

She ultimately took the prescription, and during the first night of filming at the West Hollywood bar Tom Tom, she felt an allergic reaction starting in her face. Madix said she knew she would wake up the next morning “looking absolutely crazy.”

The VPR star revealed she took Benadryl and tried topical creams to help with her swollen face and eye, but ultimately resigned herself to looking “absolutely ridiculous” for filming.

“Maybe I can do some lashes are something,” Madix told fans. “But when the season airs, the internet is not going to be ‘Oh yeah, Ariana had an allergic reaction and was also taking steroids for her herniated disc.’ It’s going to be ‘what’s wrong with your face? Why does Ariana look so bad?’ So I’m really looking forward to that after working my a** off for like six months to lose almost 15 pounds, get fit, feel good about myself.”

Madix later shared a wide-eyed photo from the second day of “Vanderpump Rules” filming. “Put on the biggest lashes I could find to hide this sitch,” she captioned the pic. “They legit cover my eyebrows.”

Ariana Madix Previously Had an Allergic Reaction to a Skincare Product

Ariana Madix

BravoAriana Madix

This is not the first time Madix has suffered an allergic reaction to something. In May 2022, she posted to Instagram to reveal that she had an allergic reaction to a new skincare product she used.

“This weekend, I learned the hard way that I’m allergic to something in vitamin C skin products,” she told fans, per” It wasn’t long after I used a new serum that I started itching. Here we go again with the allergic reactions right?”

The “Vanderpump Rules” star described symptoms such as swelling and irritation near her mouth, and she said she hoped to just use Benadryl and not steroids. She also noted that she got some help from her glam squad to mask her skin irritation.

Following the July 2022 incident, Madix also responded to an Instagram post about her allergic reaction to reveal that a friend cross-referenced all of the ingredients in the two products that have given her the same reaction.

“It looks like there’s 2 ingredients that crossover that could be the culprit!” she wrote. “Marrubium vulgar extract’ and ‘terminalia ferdinandiana extract.’  will need to get an allergy panel to be for sure, but with 6 day filming schedule tbd on when that will happen.”

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