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Austen Kroll

Bravo Austen Kroll on Southern Charm

Many Bravo viewers have made it clear in the past that they’re not fans of Austen Kroll, and now a petition is circulating requesting that the “Southern Charm” star doesn’t return in future episodes of “Summer House.” The petition was created and began circulating while the latest episode of “Summer House” was airing, in response to Kroll’s actions while visiting the cast in the Hamptons.

The petition, titled “Stop Austen Kroll from ever appearing on Summer House again!!!!” had a lengthy description outlining fan issues with the “Southern Charm” star and racked up over 500 signatures in its first few hours. “He is a menace to the summer house and pits women against each other,” the description stated. It added:

Danielle [Olivera] gets a glass thrown at her, for the love of god. He’s playing multiple women at once and that’s just IN the actual summer house. Imagine what he’s doing in public without cameras on him.

One of the issues listed was that Kroll told Lindsay Hubbard on New Year’s Eve in 2020 that he wanted to date her in 2021. “[Kroll] then said he couldn’t be responsible for having texted that because he was at a Phish show,” the description continued. “We later found out that it was an ONLINE show [due] to the pandemic.”

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Many Fans Slammed Kroll on the Petition Itself & on Social Media

Monday night’s “Summer House” episode saw fans flooding Twitter with reactions to Kroll causing major drama in the house and several viewers happily retweeted the link to the petition. “Stop Austen Kroll from ever appearing on Summer House again!!!! This seems like a worthwhile first petition to sign!,” one person tweeted.

Watching two women fight over Austen on Summer House is mind-boggling,” someone stated. “In what world does he seem like a decent catch? He’s the ultimate eff boy and he’s never gonna change.” One person wrote to Ciara Miller and Hubbard, “after seeing this season play out can you both finally admit that fighting over austen kroll ain’t it? After southern charm, winter house and now summer house I think we can all agree women deserve better than Austen kroll.”

“Tonight’s summer house was one of the finer episodes of trash tv I’ve seen in a while. Austen is a total s*** pig,” one comment stated. “Austen is ruining summer house with his trashy southern charm behavior,” another person added.

I need the women of summer house to break away from the chains that is austen bc he literally looks like an extra in wallace and gromit,” one person wrote. Many viewers said Kroll was the reason they stopped watching “Southern Charm” and begged Bravo to make sure he doesn’t return to “Summer House.”

Austen needs to be banned from any houses. Summer House, Winter House. Get him the hell out,” someone wrote on Twitter. “I quit watching Southern Charm a few seasons ago and now this,” one viewer wrote. “Summer House is off until Austen & Craig go back south.” Another person shared the petition and tweeted, “Now this a petition I can get behind. No more muppet mouth.”

One commenter backed Kroll but clarified, “This is hilarious but I actually like Austen in Southern Charm! He’s way more horrible on Winter/Summer House. I think he needs to stay in Charleston where people understand him lol.” Kroll has yet to address what went down in this week’s “Summer House” episode.

Kroll Was Largely Responsible for a Major Feud in Episode 9 of ‘Summer House’ Season 6

The 9th episode of “Summer House” season 6, “Happily Ever Never,” continued where the last episode left off two weeks ago: halfway through Hubbard’s twisted fairytale birthday party. One of the main storylines was Kroll being in town to visit his close friend Hubbard for her birthday. However, because of his showmance with Miller on “Winter House,” the Bravo star was pulled in both directions after his arrival in the Hamptons.

Tensions were already high between Miller and Hubbard heading into the 9th episode and instead of making a decision and being open with both women, Kroll added fuel to the fire by telling both two completely different stories about who he was interested in. The house eventually descended into a full-blown feud that most cast members, including Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo and Olivera, acknowledged was Kroll’s fault.

The blow-up subsided as the cast members eventually went to sleep but the episode came to a close before the weekend ended, so fans will have to tune in next week to see the rest of the fallout from the event.

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Jennifer Gallegos
Jennifer Gallegos
3 months ago

People signing a petition for this? Really? They need to find something better to do and a more worthy cause. He was drunk and being a guy. It’s a reality show not a morality contest.

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