‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Clip Shows Continued Drama With Interior Team

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 cast

NBCUniversal Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 cast

The “Below Deck Mediterranean” season 8 midseason trailer dropped on Monday, November 27, and it showed that the interior’s problems are far from resolved after Natalya Scudder‘s exit and Captain Sandy Yawn‘s talk with Kyle Viljoen.

The trailer showed that the replacement stew, Lily Davison, will have trouble with the workload on Mustique. Although she has experience in hospitality, she shared in the November 27 episode that the yacht is the biggest boat she’s worked on so far and the trailer showed that Jessika Asai and Tumi Mhlongo will struggle with her work.

Asai said that they “can’t trust her” to do the work well in the midseason trailer while chief stew Mhlongo called her “dead weight.”

“I’ve given her more than enough, and she’s just not getting it,” Mhlongo said. Davison also faced a sitdown with Captain Sandy, the teaser revealed, and Yawn told her, “I need you to be more aware.” The captain then told the newest crew member she was giving her “one more chance.”

However, it isn’t only the interior team that will be struggling, as the trailer showed Yawn getting frustrated with bosun Luka Brunton after she learned that he was the only member of the deck team on deck.

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The Trailer Showed the Boatmance Between Jessika Asai & Luka Brunton Turn Sour

Asai’s growing feelings for Brunton were a focus of the midseason trailer. In one scene, she confessed, “I think I like Luka way more than I should.” In fact, Asai already revealed on the show that she’s a person who likes to be in relationships and can develop feelings quickly.

The trailer showed that Asai got suspicious of Brunton as she asked him whether he was texting a girlfriend. Brunton revealed that he was speaking to another Bravo star, Katie Flood. Flood, a chief stew from an earlier season of “Below Deck Med,” is now on season 3 of “Winter House.”

Later in the trailer, Asai slammed Brunton in a confessional interview as a “f*** boy” and “playboy.”

The November 27 Episode Showed a New Stew Joining the Crew as the Drama Intensified Between Kyle Viljoen & Jack Luby

The episode on November 27 showed Davison joining the yacht and deckhand Max Salvador deciding to finish the charter season amid an interest in her.

After Viljoen’s chat with Yawn, he shared that he wanted to resign. However, thanks to a conversation with Mhlongo, he decided to remain on the yacht and returned to the captain to apologize for his behavior and pledge to do better.

However, it wasn’t the end of the drama for Viljoen, as the episode ended with the start of a potential confrontation with chef Jack Luby. Luby, who was close with Scudder, shared in a confessional interview that he didn’t like Viljoen and gave him the silent treatment all charter.

At the end of the episode, Viljoen confronted Luby about his behavior and told him that he seemed to be acting braver with fellow Brit Davison around.

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