Captain Lee Rosbach on Some ‘Below Deck’ Stars: ‘They Don’t Measure Up’

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach

The original “Below Deck” show and its primary spinoff, “Below Deck Mediterranean,” have struggled to find long-term replacements for two of its biggest stars, chief stews Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier.

While appearing on Ferrier’s “Dear Reality, You’re Effed” podcast, Captain Lee Rosbach explained why he thought the show was struggling so much to find multi-season chief stews. The beloved captain said simply that it was because “It’s hard to find a Hannah… and it’s hard to find a Kate,” describing both as “extremely unique.”

Rosbach told Ferrier that she was and still is “one of the most successful chief stews on ‘Below Deck’ in the whole franchise.” He told her that the show “found what most captains already know,” which is that when there is a great chief stew, “you f****** hang on to them. Period. You just do. You do what it takes.”

The captain explained that trying to replace a good chief stew is “really, really tough. And I think that’s some of the growing pains that we’re going through at this point in time,” he shared. “Because we’ve seen season after season and we’ve always got a new one. And they don’t measure up.”

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Captain Lee Rosbach Said Hannah Ferrier & Kate Chastain Should Return as Guests

While Rosbach was on Ferrier’s podcast, she asked him if he’d like to have Chastain back on board. He shared that although he’d “absolutely” love to see Chastain back as a chief stew, he’d actually rather have her back as a guest.

He told Ferrier that she and Chastain should appear on the show as guests together and she laughed that the two would be “very good at drinking the rosé.” The captain agreed that the mix of the drinks and Ferrier’s “quick wit and razor-sharp tongue” would mean a lot of great comments and critiques of the yacht’s crew, which he would love to hear.

Hannah Ferrier Spilled on Her Long Friendship With Captain Lee Rosbach

Although Ferrier never appeared in the original “Below Deck” series, she shared that she has been friends with Rosbach for quite some time and also spoke with Chastain before filming “Below Deck Mediterranean.” The former Bravo star said she wanted to get Chastain’s advice and opinion on appearing on the show as a chief stew.

Ferrier also revealed on her podcast that her relationship with Rosbach goes back to when she was filming “Below Deck Med.” The former chief stew revealed that she would sometimes call the captain “crying” and ask him for advice.

Rosbach said the two “talked for years” before actually meeting face-to-face. “Quite often it was me in the middle of filming calling you up crying going ‘Lee can you please give me advice,'” Ferrier laughed. Rosbach said he was “more than happy” to help Ferrier. She explained that it wasn’t easy to speak with someone who understood what she was going through with both the yachting and filming aspects of the show and appreciated Rosbach’s “amazing” advice.

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