Captain Lee Rosbach Addresses His Possible Retirement After Season 10

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach

The “Below Deck” season 10 trailer teased a lot of exciting moments for viewers, but one clip involving Captain Lee Rosbach had fans dreading a possible retirement announcement during the season.

The first look at the season saw Captain Lee saying that his mind and heart were “there” but his body wouldn’t “cooperate.” In an interview with E! News, the beloved captain said viewers “will see me do something that you’ve never seen me do in the past, not in my private life or my yachting life have I ever done this before.”

He said he does have an “issue” that will complicate the charter season but didn’t reveal what it is, and shared that the announcement he makes in the season will be “one of the biggest moments in Below Deck history.” That said, he did reassure fans that he’s not planning his retirement from “Below Deck” anytime soon.

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Captain Lee Rosbach Shared That He Doesn’t See Himself Retiring From ‘Below Deck’ & That Retirement Is Very ‘Overrated’

In his interview with E! News, Rosbach shared that he finds retirement “highly overrated,” joking that there’s only so much fishing or golf that can be done. “I think people have to stay productive, otherwise they might as well start getting out the shovel,” he shared.

In regards to his career as a “Below Deck” captain, Rosbach revealed that he’s still enjoying the job and “look[s] forward to every season.” He told fans he’s not planning on leaving any time soon.

Rosbach’s comments echo others he made on Twitter in response to a fan who speculated about his retirement in season 10. The Captain replied to the message telling him farewell, “Am I going somewhere???” Someone else wrote that they were sad he was retiring and he answered, “Where in the world did you hear that? Asking for a friend.”

Captain Lee Rosbach Teased Some Big Moments in ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 That Were Hinted at in the Show’s Trailer

Season 10 of “Below Deck” appears to be another eventful season, if the trailer is any indication, including a fire that had him telling crew members to prepare to “abandon ship.”

“There is no time on board that you have a fire and you shouldn’t be concerned ever,” Rosbach told E! News. “Google ‘yacht fires’ on YouTube and you’ll see how fast it goes from zero to 100 miles an hour. You take every one seriously.”

He said he was “really happy” to have Fraser Olender back on board, this time as the chief stew. Rosbach told the publication he was very proud of Olender making “Below Deck” history as the first male chief stew as it was quite a major accomplishment. He also joked that he refers to him as Mr. Olender now due to his great work in his new role.

“Below Deck” season 10 will premiere on Bravo on Monday, November 21, at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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