Craig Conover’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Craig Conover

Getty Craig Conover in 2019

If you’ve watched Southern Charm from the beginning, then you definitely know Craig Conover, who has made a splash on the show since the first season. Over the past few years, Conover has shown us a glimpse into his exciting life living in Charleston, South Carolina.

So, where does Conover’s money come from? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Conover’s net worth is estimated at around $400,000. Here’s what you need to know about Craig Conover’s net worth:

1. Craig Conover Is an Entrepreneur

Over the past few years, Conover has become quite the savvy entrepreneur, as he started his own pillow company called Sewing Down South in 2019. Conover designs, sews, and sells an array of brightly colored and patterned pillows, some even featuring delicate embroidery. So far, his pillows seem to be quite successful, as he has landed deals with popular companies such as HSN and Wayfair.

“Everyone thought I was so absurd [to sew], and I was like, ‘Well, I like doing it,'” Conover told People this past summer. “It’s okay to do what you love and not follow societal norms just because someone said something was weird or wasn’t normal. You only live once, just do whatever you like.”

2. Craig Conover Makes Money by Appearing on ‘Southern Charm’

Of course, Conover also makes money by appearing on the hit show Southern Charm. According to Radar Online, Conover had a salary of $480,000 for Season 7.

With the high-paying salary aside, it seems like Conover really enjoys his time appearing on Southern Charm. “I think as the years go on, the more and more true to myself, and the more and more transparent I am, it’s a positive thing,” Conover revealed during a recent interview with Decider ahead of the show’s Season 7 premiere. “I like people getting to know more and more about me. The true me. I’m excited to continue to share this journey with everyone. This year is not the easiest, but it’s cool because you will actually get to relate to us.”

3. Craig Conover Had Planned for a Career in Law

Conover had originally planned to become a lawyer, but he never ended up practicing. He passed the South Carolina bar exam in 2017 after a long and grueling journey. According to a report by Forbes in 2018, a lawyer practicing in South Carolina is estimated to earn around $105,230 per year. However, according his friend and former costar, Cameran Eubanks, Conover actually makes more money with his pillow business than he would as a lawyer!

“I asked Craig yesterday, I said, ‘How many pillows have you sold?'” Eubanks told Entertainment Tonight. “He told me the number, I got out my calculator, I started doing some math, and I found out how much money he’s actually made and I wanted to vomit. And I take back everything I said — he’s making way more money than an attorney. Way more!”

4. Craig Conover Has Expanded His Company

Recently, Conover has expanded his business, Sewing Down South, into more than just pillows. Conover has started selling items such as face masks, hoodies, and hats on his company’s website. On his Instagram page, Conover constantly shows his followers pictures of the new merchandise.

“People are okay with rooting for it, which is great,” Conover told Decider about his company in October 2019. “It has a positive image of doing what you want. Everyone’s been super nice about it.”

5. Craig Conover Partners With Different Brands on His Social Media Pages

On his Instagram page, Conover has promoted and partnered with various brands, which can prove to be a lucrative form of income. According to W Magazine, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian can make around $1 million per sponsored Instagram post.

Most recently, Conover partnered with the Bermuda Championship and showed off his golfing skills in an Instagram post. In the past, Conover has also posted and promoted brands like Jack Links beef jerky.

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