Jax Taylor Makes Powerful Claim About Schwartz & Sandy’s

Jax Taylor speaks on Schwartz & Sandy's

Heavy/Getty/NBCUniversal Jax Taylor speaks on Schwartz & Sandy's

Tom Sandoval isn’t the most popular Bravolebrity right now and according to his former “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Jax Taylor, he’s not very popular at his bar either.

Sandoval, who owns Schwartz & Sandy’s with his best friend and co-star Tom Schwartz, is apparently not very well-liked at the Los Angeles-based restaurant, Jax Taylor revealed. The VPR alum was a guest on Heather McDonald’s podcast “Juicy Scoop” on May 16 and he shared that he’s been trying to convince his friend Schwartz to “cut ties” with Sandoval.

“He has to cut ties,” Taylor asserted. “They’re gonna lose the bar, they’re gonna lose everything.” He said he was at Schwartz and Sandy’s a few nights before, on a Thursday night, and there were only five people at the whole bar at 10:30 p.m. “The bar manager, the owner, they can’t stand Sandoval, they don’t want him there anymore, they wanna buy him out,” Taylor explained.

He said that’s what he’d been hearing from various people. “It’s not cheap to have a bar in LA,” he added. “You got rent, you got overhead, you got employees. Who’s paying for this?”

Heavy reached out to Schwartz, Sandoval and Schwartz & Sandy’s for comment.

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Jax Taylor Said That Tom Schwartz Is ‘Easily Manipulated’ By Tom Sandoval

Taylor got into more detail about the friendship between Schwartz and Sandoval and reiterated that he felt Schwartz should cut ties with his friend and business partner.

“Schwartz is very easily manipulated, he’s very easily talked into things,” Taylor told McDonald on her podcast. He said he’d discussed it with Schwartz just a few days ago and told him to end his friendship with Sandoval. “You gotta cut the umbilical cord with Sandoval,” he shared his advice to Schwartz. “He is doing nothing but bringing you down and you do not deserve this. You’re a good guy, people are seeing you now and calling you names and you’re getting dragged through the mud and you literally have done nothing wrong.”

McDonald said she felt as though Sandoval had convinced Schwartz of a plan to eventually break up with Madix and that’s how he got his best friend to not share details of the affair. Taylor replied, “I could see that… Sandoval manipulates the hell out of Schwartz. That is a fact.” He said Schwartz has often done whatever Sandoval has told him to and said he told his friend, “This is not making any situation easier and this is not healthy for you, for anybody.”

Ariana Madix Made Some Comments About Tom Schwartz’s Friendship With Tom Sandoval on WWHL

The finale episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” which aired on May 18, saw Schwartz open up about the effect that Sandoval’s affair was having on their bar. He told Sandoval that he didn’t want to kick him while he was down but that the restaurant was getting ripped on Yelp and it was affecting their employees and him.

In other conversations, Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix also confronted Schwartz about what he knew and when he found out. Following the episode, Madix appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and said she thought Schwartz did more than cover for Sandoval. “I think it was actively participating in my downfall,” she shared.

She then said that she hoped their friendship wouldn’t survive the scandal, for Schwartz’s sake. “If Tom Schwartz wants to save himself in any way, it won’t [survive],” she shared.

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