Scheana Shay’s Wedding Was ‘Emotionally Triggering’ for Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars

Scheana Shay.

Getty Images Scheana Shay's wedding was tough for some former "Vanderpump Rules" stars.

As many “Vanderpump Rules” fans know, several former cast members were in attendance at Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding in Mexico over the summer. Since Bravo cameras were rolling, some of those people may be on the new season of the show — at least in passing — and that caused some drama for at least one person.

On the December 21, 2022, episode of the “Sex, Love, and What Else Matters” podcast, former VPR star Kristen Doute talked about Shay and Davies’ wedding and said that being around the cameras again was “emotionally triggering” for Jax Taylor — and for herself.

Here’s what you need to know:

Doute Said That Taylor Wasn’t ‘Prepared’ to Be Around the Cameras Again

On the episode of Doute’s podcast, she and her co-host Luke Broderick confirmed that they’re dating. The two hooked up at a mutual friend’s wedding and ended up really falling for one another. Just ahead of Shay’s wedding, Doute called Broderick and pitched the idea of going to Mexico with her, even though he wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding.

Broderick agreed and when someone couldn’t make it, he ended up attending the wedding as Doute’s date. This was Broderick’s first experience with television cameras around, which was really a trip for him. However, Doute explained that Taylor was the one who seemed most uncomfortable with filming.

“Kristen and Jax were both kind of in their heads about being around cameras,” Broderick said.

“Okay, I’ll just say, Jax and I fought the entire weekend in Mexico. We fought the entire time because he took it all out on me, this is how I feel, and Jax knows this. And I feel that he just took it out on everyone that it was going to be emotionally, you know, triggering. And it was going to be uncomfortable,” Doute said, adding that she didn’t think that Taylor was “ready” to be around the cameras.

“I’m willing to say that it was emotionally triggering for me,” Doute said.

Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright parted ways with Bravo after season 8 of “Vanderpump Rules.” Taylor had been on the show since its inception.

Doute Said Taylor Apologized to Her After the Wedding

Despite the tough time that both Doute and Taylor experienced in Mexico, Doute said that Taylor actually apologized to her when the wedding was over.

“He, hats off to Jax, apologized to me after Mexico just saying like, you know, he wasn’t really prepared to be around that again when we’re not in it. And I think that that’s, like, super f****** mature of him,” Doute said.

“It was weird. It was hard,” Doute continued, adding that she “couldn’t miss” the wedding of one of her best friends.

Broderick said that he witnessed the level of uncomfortableness, but he’s glad that he was able to go with Doute.

Shay and Davies’ wedding will air on season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules.” A few people who are no longer on the show were in attendance at the wedding, though it is unclear if any will be on camera.

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