Why Fans Think Kathryn Dennis Got More Plastic Surgery

Kathryn Dennis

NBCUMV Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm

After a recent Instagram post, some Southern Charm fans are speculating that Kathryn Dennis has had some work done to her face.

Dennis posted a photo of herself posing in a hot-pink workout set to her Instagram page on January 20. Many fans commented that she looked different, particularly her face. “What happened to your face?? This doesn’t even look like you,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Look like a whole different human. New face.” One fan even called Dennis out for over-editing the photo, writing, “This picture is so clearly over-edited it doesn’t look like your head belongs on your body.”

While many fans ragged on Dennis for her new appearances, others defended her. “You look amazing, healthy and happy!” one follower wrote. Another agreed, writing, “U look so BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

Viewers can tune into the season finale of Southern Charm on January 21 on Bravo at 9/8c.

Kathryn Dennis Recently Got Fillers in Her Face

According to screenshots captured by Reality Blurb, Dennis did in fact have some work done to her face this past October. On her Instagram stories, Dennis showed herself at the dermatologist getting lip and cheek fillers. “Today, we’re gonna be accenting [Kathryn’s] cheekbones,” Dennis’ doctor said in the Instagram story. “It looks really pretty in pictures when you have that really angular shape of your cheekbones. That Kate Moss 1990s model [look] that was so popular back in the day — we’re going to try to replicate that.”

The Instagram stories captured by Reality Blurb also revealed that Dennis had undergone Coolsculpting, which is a fat-freezing treatment. Dennis had this done on her abdomen.

Kathryn Dennis’ Makeup Artist Recently Revealed Some of Her Beauty Secrets

During a recent interview with Bravo, Dennis’s makeup artist and hairstylist, Chelsea Shea, spilled some of her beauty secrets. Shea has been styling Dennis and the rest of the Southern Charm cast since Season 4, getting them ready and glam for their confessional shots.

Shea revealed that Dennis “always wants something bold and different,” while on the show.  “Her lashes are always Liberty Lashes,” Shea said, citing some of the products that Dennis loves to wear. “For foundation, she’s always in Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. And powder: Laura Mercier.”

Shea also revealed some of the secrets behind Dennis’ hair, and the long bob she has been rocking during some of her Season 7 confessionals. “In her most recent interview look, she has short hair and it looks really good — but the reason why we did the short hair is because [her daughter], Kensie, ended up cutting her hair,” Shea told Bravo. “So, we didn’t have time to put in new extensions so we just rolled with what she had.”

However, there is one thing that Dennis and her makeup artist do not agree on, and that is the use of self-tanner. “Kathryn loves that self-tanner, though, and she’ll slop it on after I’ve done her makeup and it drives me insane,” Shea said. “We get into arguments about it all the time.”

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