When Kathryn Dennis Revealed She Was Pregnant on Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis

NBCUMV Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm

During the season finale of Southern Charm, fans watched as star Kathryn Dennis clutched a pregnancy test, waiting for the results. Although the finale did not reveal whether or not Dennis is pregnant, it wouldn’t be the first time that Dennis has learned that she is pregnant on Southern Charm.

Dennis currently has two children, which she shares with former star Thomas Ravenel. During the Season One finale, viewers found out that Dennis had given birth to a baby girl nearly nine months after Ravenel had broken up with her. Dennis never revealed her pregnancy on the show until they showed a clip of Ravenel holding their oldest daughter, Kensington. The two tried to make their relationship work, but ultimately, it didn’t work out.

And, although the two weren’t together at the time, Dennis revealed her second pregnancy during the premiere of Season 3. Dennis’ pregnancy came as a surprise to viewers at the time. Dennis explained during a confessional, “When I thought I was pregnant again, I took about thirty at-home pregnancy tests. After about the thirtieth one that said yes, I believed it.” Dennis also revealed that the pregnancy wasn’t planned.

At the time of her second pregnancy, Dennis revealed to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “Thomas is still soaking in the news and trying to make his changes. He travels a lot with polo and he’s very busy. He’s just kind of adjusting right now, I think. But, you know, he is excited.”

Kathryn Dennis Does Not Appear to Be Pregnant Right Now

Although Dennis took a pregnancy test during the recent season finale of Southern Charm, it does not look like she is currently pregnant. On her Instagram page, Dennis has been posting photos of herself showing off her stomach, and does not appear to have a baby bump. Dennis has also posted herself wearing tighter clothes, such as a bodycon dress, hinting that she is not pregnant.

Dennis is currently dating Chleb Ravenell, who used to be a college football player at Western Michigan University, according to Us Weekly. Dennis has gone Instagram official with Ravenell and has posted some adorable photos of them dressed up together for Halloween and other occasions, such as New Year’s Eve.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel Worked Together to Co-Parent Their Children During This Season

Although the two are no longer together, it seems like Dennis and Ravenel tried to work together this season to co-parent their two children. “Custody is finally settled, after like three years, it’s done,” Dennis revealed during the Season 7 premiere of Southern Charm. “Things are 50/50, and Thomas and I are actually getting along. I’m just praying it sticks.”

At the time, Ravenel also seemed to agree. “I know we’ve had a rough patch these past couple of years,” Ravenel said. “But ultimately it takes two to raise kids and I can tell they’re happy. I feel like we are doing a good job.”

However, it seems like things may have gone south since the episode aired. According to All About The Tea, Ravenel now wants sole custody of his two children, which was prompted by a series of “disturbing” events involving his children, as noted in documents obtained by the publication. Ravenel is now pushing for his kids to live with him full-time in Aiken, South Carolina.

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