How Katie Maloney Really Felt During the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Baby Boom

Getty Images Katie Maloney felt 'left out' when all of her friends started having babies.

Katie Maloney spent most of the year watching the majority of her friends become first-time moms. The “Vanderpump Rules” star and her husband, Tom Schwarz, tied the knot in 2019, but have not started a family just yet.

While Katie hasn’t been totally transparent about her plans to have a family, she has said that she and Tom have tried, but that they have not had success just yet. During a Q&A with fans back in November 2020, Katie responded to someone who asked if she was pregnant.

“I’m not but as a general rule, can we just stop asking people? Because it’s like, I would love to be pregnant but I’m not and so sometimes seeing this question over and over is a little [frustrating],” she said on her Instagram Stories, according to Reality Blurb.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Tom said that watching his friends have kids has been “awesome.” He added, “it’s beautiful. They’re all such great parents and I had no doubt … but really, they just have blown me away. I feel like they’ve all hit their strides and I can’t wait to have kids.”

And while Katie may share Tom’s sentiments, it seems as though she may be experiencing even more feelings on the matter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Katie Felt ‘Left Out’ When Her Friends Started Having Babies

In an interview with Us Weekly on October 28, 2021, Ariana Madix weighed in on how Katie was feeling as she watched so many of her friends start to have families.

“I didn’t realize she was getting pressure from people. I’ve seen a lot of stuff online toward her, and it just makes me feel bad. I just wanted her to know, like, ‘I’m here, and I’m not pregnant.’ I was like, ‘We can have a hot girl summer. We can just do whatever we want. But when the time is right, go ahead and plan for it. For now, let’s go have fun,'” Ariana told the outlet.

She later added that she thinks Katie was feeling “left out” of the baby boom. In 2021, some of Katie’s best friends, including Stassi Schroeder, Brittany Cartwright, Lala Kent, and Sceana Marie, all welcomed babies.

Katie and Tom spent the summer of 2020 trying to have a baby, but it didn’t happen. “Tom and I decided a while ago that we would start trying this past summer, which we have. It hasn’t happened for us yet. So, when the time is right for us,” she said during her Instagram Q&A back in November, according to Us Weekly.

Fans Have Noticed a Different Katie This Season

“Vanderpump Rules” fans have noticed a different side of Katie on the current season, and have chatted about it on social media.

On Reddit, for example, one social media user pointed out that Katie “seems to be such a shadow of her former self.” The Redditor pointed out that Katie “seems to be insecure, nervous, is no longer outspoken.”

Several Redditors seemed to agree with the original poster, many suggesting that Katie may be having a hard time with the fact that she hasn’t gotten pregnant.

“I think it’s infertility. All my friends got pregnant that were trying and I was left behind. I had success about 2 years after them. However, during my infertility phase of trying everything for a baby, it was very depressing,” wrote one fan.

“Infertility sucks especially since only a small subset of the population even understands it because they get pregnant without even trying,” added another.

Others went on to blame Katie’s marriage for making her “miserable.”

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