Fans Slam Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz’s Marriage

Getty Images Fans question Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's marriage.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have been on “Vanderpump Rules” since 2013. The couple has been through many ups and downs over the years, and with Bravo cameras often in tow, many fans feel as if they know the two pretty well.

Maloney and Schwartz have faced a cheating scandal, gotten engaged, gone to therapy and tied the knot, and fans have been there every step of the way. As the couple has moved into the possibly-starting-a-family phase, fans are along for that ride, too. On the current season of the show, the couple has opened up about fertility struggles, even showing Schwartz getting his results from getting his sperm tested.

And while some might argue that Maloney and Schwartz are in a really good place relationship-wise, others don’t think that either of them are truly happy in their marriage.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think That Maloney & Schwartz Actually Hate Each Other

Reality TV can certainly be deceiving, and editing plays a big role in what people take away from a given scene; some fans are convinced that Maloney and Schwartz don’t actually like each other.

Over the years, Reddit has collected many thoughts about Maloney and Schwartz. On the evening of the November 9, 2021, episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” fans took to a new thread to discuss the couple’s marriage.

“I’ve never understood why people choose to date (or, in Katie & Schwartz’s case, marry) people they hate. Since Day One of VPR, Katie and Schwartz have never seemed to enjoy each others’ company. I truly have no sense of what keeps them together other than habit and the desire to not have to start over with new SOs. It’s…pretty bleak,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“Totally agree. Have friends in these types of marriages and I can’t understand. Seems like a prison sentence,” added another.

“Their whole relationship is weird,” a third person wrote.

A similar thread took shape back in August 2020.

“These two have zero chemistry. I really hope they don’t procreate,” one comment read.

“That marriage is a mess,” another wrote.

Maloney & Schwartz Maintained They Were ‘Madly in Love’ Amid 2017 Split Rumors

Maloney and Schwartz got engaged back in 2015, making the official announcement on Instagram at the time. “So I said… YES!!!!” Maloney captioned a photo of herself with Schwartz — and her ring. They tied the knot in August 2016.

However, the very next year, split rumors circulated. The pair believed that the rumors were circulating because of their lack of social media photos together.

“We don’t heavily document our lives too much,” Maloney told E! News.

“I just like putting weird and random stuff on my social media. I didn’t even notice that. It wasn’t an indication of some sort of subconscious reflection of the status of our relationship,” Schwartz added.

“We are madly in love. I feel like marriage really suits us. We’ve been through so much, especially since last summer. Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it’s been like 89 percent blissful,” Maloney said.

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