Shep Rose Was ‘Kicked Out’ of Bravo Star’s Home

Shep Rose

Bravo Shep Rose

Craig Conover and Kory Keefer appeared on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” to discuss the ongoing second season of “Winter House” and the new Bravo star was asked about some of the “Southern Charm” cast.

As Conover explained in “Winter House,” he and Keefer were roommates in college and have been close friends for a long time. He also revealed in his memoir “Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong With My Sewing,” that he and Keefer were both considered for “Southern Charm” and attended a cocktail party thrown by Whitney Sudler-Smith with other potential cast members.

On WWHL, Keefer was asked by Cohen if he knew Shep Rose and Conover chimed in that Keefer “hated” Rose. Keefer explained that he had crossed paths with Rose before “Southern Charm” but after he and Conover did the pilot, they got to know each other better. At the time, Conover and Keefer lived together and Keefer revealed that he “kicked [Rose] out of my house a couple of times” because Rose had been hitting on the girl he was seeing.

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Kory Keefer Said He Made a Bad First Impression on Naomie Olindo When They Met at the Cocktail Party

Keefer was also asked on WWHL if he’d ever met Conover’s “Southern Charm” ex, Naomie Olindo, and he revealed that he’d met her at the same event while doing the pilot for the Bravo show. “Naomie hated me to start off with,” he spilled. He said they had a very “rocky” start.

Keefer explained that they were at a plantation house and Olindo caught him in “a bad situation,” he shared. When prompted, he revealed that he had been rude to a waiter. In the time since, Keefer shared that the two haven’t hung out a lot but told Conover that it was “awesome” when he and Olindo broke up because it had to happen.

Conover detailed his experience joining “Southern Charm” in his book “Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong With My Sewing,” and echoed some of Keefer’s comments about the pilot episode.

Craig Conover Detailed His Friendship With Kory Keefer & Start on ‘Southern Charm’ in His Recent Memoir

Conover wrote about his friendship with Keefer and his start on “Southern Charm” in his book but had another story about first meeting Olindo at the cocktail party. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Conover wrote that he and Keefer made up the nickname “Ponytail” for Olindo and shouted it at her, annoying the French native.

However, while Conover and Keefer were initially both considered for the Bravo series and had decided to go on the show together, the “Sewing Down South” founder wrote that he found out the production company was more focused on casting him.

He said that after the cocktail party, producers decided to go with Conover only and not Keefer, telling the latter that he was “too young” for the show. Conover wrote that Keefer asked them if they could change their minds but they stood firm, and Conover decided to appear on the show on his own.

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