Kyle Cooke Disses ‘Summer House’ Co-Star Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard and Kyle Cooke

Bravo Lindsay Hubbard and Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke didn’t hold back in his response to his “Summer House” co-star Lindsay Hubbard calling him “calculated” earlier in February and retorted that he thinks she’s “the most calculated person I’ve ever met.”

The “Summer House” OG said Hubbard’s comments were “hysterical” and accused her of approaching each season in the Hamptons “with a game plan,” he told Us Weekly. “I’m just living my life.” Cooke was asked what he thought Hubbard’s “game plan” was for season 7, which just premiered, and he replied, “To make it about her and Carl.”

He said they didn’t need to put up a “facade” as a couple since everyone in the summer house is friends with each other and they’ve all gone through their own challenges.

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Lindsay Hubbard Called Kyle Cooke Calculated When Discussing His Recent Appearance on Peacock’s ‘The Traitors’

Hubbard’s comments about Cooke being calculated came during an interview with Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast about the Loverboy founder’s newest reality show, Peacock’s “The Traitors.” She said she was watching the show and said Cooke shared that he’s actually “calculated” although no one knows it and she commented, “Oh really? I know this about you.”

However, while speaking with Us Weekly, Cooke clarified that he meant calculated in the sense of assessing situations rationally and making judgments on people, which is an asset on a show about sniffing out betrayals like “The Traitors.”

He explained that although he appears to be a “goofball” on “Summer House” and doesn’t often take himself too seriously, that’s because the show is filmed primarily on the weekend when he’s letting loose. “I’m, like, take out the party element and people are gonna see a different side of me,” he added. “Not that I manipulate people, which is I think the word that usually follows calculated.”

Kyle Cooke Spoke About the Difficult Friendship Between Hubbard & His Wife Amanda Batula

During his interview, Cooke addressed the difficult relationship between his wife, “Summer House” co-star Amanda Batula, and Hubbard. He said the two women have had a “complicated relationship ever since Lindsay basically tried to bully her out of the house season 2 and at the season 2 reunion.”

Cooke said Batula took the “high road” for years since then and that he’s tried to not let the tension between Batula and Hubbard affect his friendship with the Hubb House PR founder. However, he said he “kind of hit a breaking point when [Hubbard] kind of went off on Amanda for simply responding to a question on Watch What Happens Live.” The Bravo star was referring to Batula’s appearance on WWHL, when she was asked who the “rudest” cast member is on “Summer House.”

Batula said Hubbard can be rude sometimes when she’s out in public and caught off guard, prompting Hubbard to lash out at Batula on social media. “We’ve all been in that hot seat,” Cooke said to Us Weekly. “I mean, anybody that’s ever worked with Lindsay knows that she can be rude, that she can be a lot. So the fact that she directed so much s*** towards Amanda… was just kind of insane to me. She really spins things.”

He admitted that he and Hubbard haven’t reconciled yet and is unsure if they can be fixed but he wanted to focus on his friendship with Carl Radke first. That said, he did share that he’s really happy for Hubbard and Radke in their relationship and is looking forward to their wedding as he loves them both.

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