Kyle Cooke Gives 1st Look At His New ‘Do After Andy Cohen Cuts Off His Mullet During ‘Summer House’ Reunion

Kyle Cooke

Heavy/NBCUniversal Kyle Cooke of "Summer House."

Kyle Cooke has a new look. The “Summer House” star finally cut off his signature mullet after growing it out for the past two years.

On May 3, 2024, Cooke’s mullet was clipped off by Andy Cohen— and the Bravo host did the deed at the “Summer House” season 8 reunion, no less.

In the reunion seating chart posted by Bravo, Cooke was the second person to Cohen’s left. But sometime during the taping, he landed right in front of  Cohen as the reunion host whipped out his scissors.

Following the reunion, Andy Cohen posted to his Instagram story to show off a baggie full of Cooke’s hair. “That’s a wrap and I cut Kyle’s mullet, Cohen said. “And it’s going to the Clubhouse. We need to figure out how to display it. But it’s going there. I kinda botched it, but you’ll see.”

Kyle Cooke Appeared in a  Video After Getting His Haircut

Fans got a glimpse at Cooke’s shorter cut in post-reunion photos posted to Instagram by co-stars West Wilson and Jesse Solomon. In the photos, Cooke stood outside Corner Bistro in New York City. His hair was still longish on top with wispy sides. On May 5, Cooke posted a video promoting a Loverboy event that better showed his finished new look.

“I spy a missing mullet,” came a comment from the official Loverboy Instagram account.

In another video, Cooke showed the front and back of his mullet-free head.

Cooke rocked a short hairstyle for most of his seasons on “Summer House”. But sometime in 2022, he had started to grow the back of his hair long for a mullet.  In May 2022, he told, “It’s all happening. I am growing [a mullet]. My stylist told me this is the grow-in stage. It’s pretty awkward, but I am committed. It almost feels like I have a tag standing straight up from my shirt, because I just keep on forgetting what’s going on back there.”

Cooke initially claimed his wife, Amanda Batula, was on board with the look because she didn’t think he’d go through with it. “Until she makes me chop it off, we’re full steam ahead,” he said.

But in a November 2023 video interview with Parade, Cooke announced he wasn’t parting with his mullet. “It’s kind of become very much a part of my brand and the Loverboy brand,” he revealed. “So I hate to say it, Amanda, but the mullet is here to stay.”

Kyle Cooke Previously Revealed Why He Agreed to Cut Off His Mullet


Cooke previously talked about getting rid of his mullet during an April 2024 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”  After Cohen asked the “Summer House” OG if he would consider cutting his mullet at the season 8 reunion, Cooke asked him, “Do you own a pair of sharp scissors? We’re going to do it!”

The Loverboy entrepreneur explained why he was willing to cut his hair. “Not to get sappy on you guys, but my grandmother passed away two weeks ago,” Cooke said to Cohen and fellow WWHL guest West Wilson. “And pretty much the last thing she said to me was she hates my hair.”

Cohen promised Cooke’s late grandmother Betty, “We got you!”

According to, Cooke previously teased that he planned to grow his mullet longer and “maybe auction it off for the charity Locks of Love.”

Batula agreed with that idea while speaking with Parade. “My plan is to do some sort of fundraiser where every certain amount of money raised, we cut off a centimeter [of Kyle’s hair],” she said. “I’m hoping we raise enough money that we just shave his head. And then we donate to charity, to Locks of Love or something import

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