Lala Kent Unleashes on Tom Sandoval Following ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion: VIDEO

Vanderpump Rules stars.

Heavy/Getty/NBCUniversal Vanderpump Rules stars.

Lala Kent blasted Tom Sandoval after watching the second part of the  “Vanderpump Rules” reunion on May 31, 2023.

Following a tense exchange during the reunion taping, the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner made a comment about how Kent conceived her daughter, Ocean, with her ex, Randall Emmett. After a rewatch, Kent called Sandoval out and made it clear he needs to watch what he says about her.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lala Kent Posted a Video Message to Tom Sandoval After the “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion

During the second part of the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion, Sandoval accused Kent of plotting to conceive her daughter Ocean, 2, as soon as she found out that co-star Stassi Schroeder was pregnant with her first child in 2020.

After calling Kent a “moron,” Sandoval muttered, “You pulled your IUD the day you found Stassi was pregnant.”

Kent didn’t hear Sandoval’s comment when the reunion was taped in March 2023, but after seeing it on the episode, she took to her Instagram story to put him on blast.

“Tonight is the second time I have seen Sandoval diminish the conception of my beautiful, magical daughter,” Kent said. “I’m disgusted. It makes me question who the f*** raised you. And how they must be sitting there going, ‘Do we really gotta claim this f***ing guy?’”

“I am so glad I did not hear that at the reunion because I’m telling you what, these mama bear paws would have mauled the f*** out of him,” Kent added. “Sandoval, you better watch your f***ing tongue. When you talk about me, you keep my daughter out of your mouth. That’s where I draw the f***ing line. You can come for me all day long – you leave her out of this.”

The Give Them Lala Beauty founder also noted that while her relationship with Emmett ended on a  bad note— the film producer has been accused of infidelity, abusive behavior, and allegedly running a Hollywood casting couch while he was with Kent — their daughter was the one good thing to come from it.

“That baby was brought into this world out of love, respect… and my relationship may have gone to s***, but that little girl is the best f***ing thing to happen to me,” Kent said in the video. “How dare you.”

This is the second time that Sandoval made a comment about Ocean’s conception.

On the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 premiere in February 2023, Sandoval slammed Kent’s early relationship with Emmett and questioned why she had a child with him. “Maybe she should have known to not get f***ing knocked up by a dude like that,” he said to Tom Schwartz. “It seems insane that Lala didn’t see this whole casting couch situation coming with Randall, considering they would role play. I mean, come on.”

Kent clapped back at Sandoval’s comments on her “Give Them Lala” podcast a few days later. “You talk about my kid or anyone else’s kid, I’m going to f***ing cut you,” she said of Sandoval. “Don’t bring my kid into this.”

On the February 15, 2023 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” she addressed Sandoval’s comments again. “The fact that he said that I should have known better than to get knocked up. My child, I did not get ‘knocked up,’” she said. “And at the reunion, I’m coming for you,’ she added of Sandoval.

Lala Kent Previously Revealed There Was a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Pregnancy Pact

Kent was the second of four “Vanderpump Rules” stars to have babies in early 2021. Two months after Schroeder gave birth to her daughter Hartford, Kent welcomed baby Ocean. The following month, Brittany Cartwright and Scheana Shay had babies. Kent split from Emmett in October 2021, when Ocean was seven months old.

In September 2020, Kent told Entertainment Tonight that she did have a pregnancy pact with Schroeder, Cartwright, and Katie Maloney. “It was real!” she revealed.

She noted that Schroeder spearheaded the pregnancy pact when she was engaged to Beau Clark and Kent was engaged to Emmett. But when both women’s weddings were postponed due to the COVID pandemic, they decided to move forward with having babies anyway.

“I’m talking to her, and she smiles and says, ‘I’m pregnant,’ like, ‘Y’all need to get it poppin’!’ ” Kent said of Schroeder. “So I called Rand and I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter when the wedding is happening, we’re yanking my IUD out!'”