Are Lindsay Hubbard & Stephen Traversie Still Together?

NBCUMV Lindsay Hubbard updated her relationship status with Stephen Traversie.

Each season of Summer House brings new drama, summer flings, breakups, and newfound love. Last season, fans saw Summer House original cast member Lindsay Hubbard find love with boyfriend Stephen Traversie. Traversie made his Summer House debut on his first date with Hubbard, and he visited the Hamptons house more than a few times after.

Hubbard and Traversie ended the 2019 summer as a couple, and she hinted that he could be the one. But after over a year of dating, the couple has split, a source confirmed to Us Weekly in late January.

While Hubbard has kept quiet on the matter, fans will see their relationship play out on the newest season of Summer House, premiering Thursday, February 4 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. In a preview for season five, Traversie tells Hubbard, “I really do love you,” as he stands in a heart of roses and candles while she looks from above the balcony. Hubbard admits in a confessional that she was ready for engagement, marriage, and babies with him.

Hubbard May Have Hooked Up With a ‘Summer House’ Cast Member

Summer House fans know that anything can happen in the Hamptons house from June through September. Last season, Hubbard dated her fellow Summer House cast member and best friend Carl Radke. As the two transitioned from best friends to best friends dating, things took a turn when Radke couldn’t commit to Hubbard.

“Unfortunately going into it, Carl didn’t exactly understand that I’m not dating just to date at this point in my life (even if he is my best friend), or that he wasn’t quite ready for the level of commitment I need in a relationship,” she shared on an Instagram post in March 2020. “Our expectations were not aligned, which is where it all went wrong.”

But this season, Hubbard may strike up a romance with another Summer House vacationer. In a trailer for the upcoming season, Hubbard starts to get flirty with none other than Luke Gulbranson. The trailer shows Hubbard going to Gulbranson’s room for a hug, the doors close, and kissing noises start to emerge.

Gulbranson previously dated Hubbard’s close friend and fellow housemate Hannah Berner. The two dated on-and-off for seven months, Berner reveals in the preview. To add fuel to the fire, Gulbranson also has a fling with the newest cast member Ciara Miller. “Lindsay already f***ed Luke,” Berner says in the trailer.

Hubbard & Traversie’s Relationship Will Play Out Onscreen

What happens at the Summer House doesn’t stay at the Summer House. Due to COVID-19, the ten housemates will quarantine together for six weeks straight – instead of two days a week – at a Hamptons vacation home. Traversie will stay at the mansion with the group of friends, but the trailer teases that his time at the house may be cut short.

Hubbard seems to scream at Traversie, “How many sandwiches have you made for me?” Later on in the clip, Hubbard and Traversie are having dinner when she stands up and cries, “What is it that Lindsay needs, where is that guy?” Traversie then fires back, “I’m just going to leave the house,” and the camera shows a car leaving the Hamptons house.

Summer House cast member Amanda Batula felt that their relationship would cause drama even before filming began. “[It’s] even as simple as Lindsay and her boyfriend, Stephen,” she told Entertainment Tonight in April 2020. “Who knows what happens with that, but he could be in the mix in the summer, or in the house this summer.”

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