Summer House Star Spills on Lindsay Hubbard & Danielle Olivera Rift

Lindsay Hubbard

Bravo Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera have been friends for a long time since meeting on “Summer House” several seasons ago but one co-star thinks there isn’t a real path to reconciliation between the two after their falling out this past summer.

Along with Carl Radke, the co-stars formed a close friendship over the seasons. However, after Radke and Hubbard announced their engagement less than a year after going public with the relationship, fans were quick to notice that Olivera didn’t offer her congratulations on their engagement.

At BravoCon 2022, the two women confirmed that they had a falling out, which will likely air during season 7 of “Summer House.” In response to one fan who asked about it, Hubbard said “so much happened this summer” and that their conflict is “unfortunate.” Hubbard added that she and Olivera have a “very complicated friendship” sometimes and that the two are “in the middle of a complicated situation.”

At the time, Hubbard expressed hope that it would work out eventually. Olivera, for her part, also told the audience that their falling out was too bad. “I’ll just use the word ‘unfortunate,’” she said.

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Lindsay Hubbard & Danielle Olivera Won’t Go Back to Their Friendship, Mya Allen Thinks

Mya Allen, who made her “Summer House” debut on season 6, joined the Morally Corrupt podcast on The Ringer Reality TV network to tease season 7 of the show. She teased a big “dynamic shift” among the cast members for the next season, explaining that “everything is really different.”

The change apparently even trickled down to the rooms in the house, as she confirmed Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula don’t even have the primary bedroom this year. “No one really had the primary this year… it was like, musical beds a little bit.”

Allen then addressed the highly discussed rift between Olivera and Hubbard and while the newbie Bravo star was very hesitant to give away too much with her answer, she said she thinks it was a matter of Olivera starting to “put herself first.”

“I got to be careful here,” she began saying. “Everyone’s at very different stages in their lives, and I think, I think Danielle… Oh she’s gonna kill me… I genuinely believe Danielle started to put herself first and that’s how we ended up where we are.” That said, she added that she doesn’t think Hubbard necessarily did anything to Olivera, but that this is Olivera’s “time.”

“I think [Olivera’s] been such a ride-or-die friend that she didn’t always put herself first,” Allen shared. She was asked if she thought there might be a reconciliation in the future or a return to their close friendship and Allen replied, “Honestly, no, I don’t think… no.” She said she thinks they have the capacity to be friendly with each other but thinks “ultimately, their dynamic will change.”

Mya Allen Spoke About Her Experience Filming the Reality Show

During the same podcast appearance, Allen shared a bit more about her experience filming her first reality TV show last year when she joined the cast of “Summer House.” She admitted that she didn’t know anything about the show and was surprised to find out “how bats*** crazy everyone actually is,” she laughed.

Allen said she was shocked that there was zero production involvement in any drama and all of it was just due to them being “psychos.” She explained, “we don’t need production in the room to pop off at any moment and I didn’t know people actually function like that.”

Allen also gave an update on her relationship with Oliver Gray, who she began dating in season 6. The reality star confirmed that they dated for about a year and that he will appear in season 7 a lot, but confirmed that they are no longer together.

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