‘Summer House’ Star Lindsay Hubbard Addresses Rumors About Her Love Life

Lindsay Hubbard in 2023.

Getty Lindsay Hubbard in 2023.

“Summer House” star Lindsay Hubbard addressed rumors about her dating life. 

While making an appearance as an audience member for the November 28 episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Hubbard answered some questions regarding her love life following her August 2023 breakup from her ex-fiance, Carl Radke. She acknowledged that she was photographed spending time with “House of Villains” personality Johnny Devenanzio, better known as Johnny Bananas. Hubbard stated that their relationship is strictly platonic. 

“I’ve known Johnny for many years. Yeah, we just were hanging out. That’s it. Catching up. Old friends. That’s it,” said Hubbard. 

She then asserted that she and Devenanzio are not “friends with benefits.” However, after Cohen inquired whether she would consider being “friends with future benefits” with the former “Challenge” contestant, Hubbard replied, “We will see.”

In addition, the “Summer House” star stated she is making the most of being single. 

 “Let’s just say we have bros in different area codes,” said Hubbard. 

Lindsay Hubbard Suggested She Was Looking Forward to Dating Again

During a November 2023 interview with E! News, Hubbard suggested she was excited to date again after her breakup.

“I’m in a really good place, I’m looking forward to my future. To my new journeys ahead. And seeing what kind of men are out there for me to hang out with. Get to know. Flirt with,” said the 37-year-old.

The publicist, who planned to wed Radke on November 17, stated she would never reconcile with her ex-fiance. 

“Hell no,” said Hubbard. 

Lindsay Hubbard Said She Did Not Expect Carl Radke to Break Up With Her

Hubbard discussed her breakup from Radke in a November 2023 interview with Us Weekly. She stated Radke did not indicate he wanted to end their relationship. 

“I was completely blindsided. He blew up my entire life. I was crying, I was angry, and I had to find closure on my own. Now I’m at a place where I feel really good about moving on,” said Hubbard. 

She clarified that she and Radke, who began dating in early 2022, occasionally argued. She asserted, however, that it was “nothing that would’ve been so drastic as to break up.” 

“No one saw it coming, not one person. There were no red flags. Two weeks before he called it off, I was at my bridal shower and he showed up. One week before, I was at my dress fitting and he was fitting for his suits with all of his groomsmen,” said Hubbard. 

The reality television personality also referenced that “Summer House” cameras captured their breakup.

“It was absolutely humiliating. It would’ve been one thing if this conversation happened over the summer during the normal filming schedule. But for [Carl] to call up producers and then set up cameras and manipulate me into sitting down [so he could break up with me] after we’d already wrapped is scary. The whole world found out within 30 minutes of me,” said Hubbard. 

While speaking to Access Hollywood during the 2023 BravoCon, held during the weekend of November 3, Radke stated that fans will have better clarity as to why he broke up with Hubbard after “Summer House” season 8 premieres. 

“We started out the summer in conflict. We started the second weekend in conflict. So I think people are going to pick on some of these ruptures that were happening before the summer. And I think it just shows the gravity of the situation,” said Radke. 

The “Summer House” star also asserted that he “did not cheat” on Hubbard. In addition, he stated that he “did not call producers set the cameras up” to film his breakup with his ex-fiance.