Paige DeSorbo Talks Carl Radke’s Breakup: ‘He Did Both of Them a Favor’

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke on "Watch What Happens Live."

NBCUniversal Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke on "Watch What Happens Live."

“Summer House” star Paige DeSorbo suggested she thinks her castmate Carl Radke made the correct decision when breaking up with his now ex-fiancee, Lindsay Hubbard, in August 2023. 

According to People magazine, DeSorbo and her former “Summer House” co-star Hannah Berner discussed Radke and Hubbard’s split on the October 6 episode of “Vanderpump Rules” personality, Scheana Shay’s podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay.” DeSorbo stated that she believes the breakup “was a shock to [Hubbard].” She stated, however, that “a lot of things factored into it” and teased that “Summer House” fans will have more clarity as to why Radke ended his relationship once the show’s 8th season airs. 

“I think watching the season coming out, the viewer might not be as shocked as the person — the people involved in the relationship were. I think it is just two people broke up,” said DeSorbo.

The fashion influencer also referenced that Radke and Hubbard intended to marry at some point during November 2023. 

“In my opinion, I wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle to someone, who in the back of their head is like, ‘I don’t really want to be here.’ So and then the next time you walk down the aisle, like you don’t want to think, ‘Oh he didn’t really want to be there.’ So I think she doesn’t have to compare it to anything and in the long run, he did both of them a favor,” said the 30-year-old. 

People magazine reported that Hubbard addressed her breakup in a September 2023 Instagram post. The 37-year-old wrote that it “was not [her] decision” to break up with Radke. She also stated that she has “spent the last couple of weeks finding [her] own closure and peace” following the split. 

“I am forever grateful to my best friends who have not left my side, and have been picking up the pieces of my heart and life every day from the fallout,” wrote Hubbard. 

Scheana Shay Revealed She Reached Out to Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard 

While recording the October 6 “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” podcast episode, Shay mentioned she reached out to Hubbard after she found out the public relations specialist and Radke had split. The “Good as Gold” singer revealed Hubbard responded “two weeks” later. The mother of one also shared that she sent messages to Radke and his mother, Sharon Radke, about the situation but had not received a response. 

“But I am also friends with Carl and his mom, so I texted them and checked in. And I still know nothing,” stated the “Vanderpump Rules” star. 

Craig Conover Shared His Opinion About Carl Radke Following His Breakup 

DeSorbo’s boyfriend and “Summer House” co-star Craig Conover shared his opinion about Radke and Hubbard’s split while speaking to Us Weekly in September 2023. He stated that he does not believe Radke should be villainized for ending his engagement. He asserted that Bravo fans “can’t judge somebody for the end result without all the context.” The “Southern Charm personality clarified that he does not know “what went down between” the former couple before their breakup. The lawyer also shared that he “feel[s] bad for both” Hubbard and Radke. In addition, Conover suggested he believed Radke made the correct decision not going forward with his wedding. 

“I think that people that have been in that position and got married and were like, ‘We’ll just deal with it later,’ probably would recommend to people not to do that because I think getting married probably makes things more complicated. So if you are not on solid ground beforehand, you know, you probably shouldn’t do it,” said the Bravo personality. 

Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard Spoke About Their Wedding in May 2023

Radke and Hubbard discussed their wedding in a joint May 2023 interview on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. Radke suggested he wanted Bravo cameras to capture their nuptials. 

“We love sharing our lives, we have been a part of the show from the beginning. Two cast members fall in love and get married, I think and hope that would be on TV. But we’ll see,” said the 38-year-old. 

Hubbard also shared that she believes she had feelings for Radke before they officially embarked on a relationship in early 2022. 

“Looking back, I think that I pushed down my feelings for Carl and then, like, tried to fill my time [with other relationships] until he was ready,” said the Hubb House PR founder. 

Radke also noted that he had casual relationships before dating Hubbard. 

“As I got to New York, I was always, like, Mr. Single guy, being a f*** boy, like just talking to multiple girls,” said Radke. 

He stated that he changed his behavior after watching back earlier seasons of “Summer House,” which premiered in 2017. 

“I’m embarrassed and ashamed of how I’ve treated women,” said the reality television star.