Lisa Vanderpump Gives New Details on ‘Nightmare’ Scandoval & VPR Reunion

Lisa Vanderpump

Bravo Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is weighing in on the Scandoval a few weeks after she first addressed it on “Watch What Happens Live.” The VPR universe has been thrown upside down since early March when news broke that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss had been having a months-long affair and Ariana Madix, Sandoval’s girlfriend of 9 years and Leviss’ good friend, had discovered evidence of their tryst.

Vanderpump shared on WWHL in early March that she was shocked by the news and said she never saw it coming. On April 6, the restaurant owner shared a few more of her thoughts with Jacka** star Steve-O. Vanderpump appeared on his podcast “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” and said she’d been declining most press requests or podcast appearances since the Scandoval broke.

“Because of what happened on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ it kind of kicked off, it’s had like hundreds of millions of views literally in the last few weeks,” she said. Vanderpump added, “What a nightmare it’s been but you know what, we’re dealing with it. Reality television is always so unpredictable and as a producer of that show I’ve seen the ebbs and flows and it’s really flowing now babe.”

Steve-O asked Vanderpump if she truly felt like it was a nightmare given that she’s an executive producer of VPR and the scandal has been good for ratings. “Well, obviously you look for great ratings and it has produced that,” she acknowledged, “but after 11 years and these people — kids they were when they first starting working for me about 14, 15 years ago — I’m very emotionally invested in them.”

She said she’d been alongside them for so long through their ups and downs so it was hard to step back from the human emotions involved. “Of course it’s fantastic television but at a great price,” she shared. She said the whole situation was “so unexpected.” The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star added that they just filmed the reunion and it was “very, very intense and emotional.”

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Lisa Vanderpump Said She Loves All the Cast Members Despite Their Flaws

Later in the podcast episode, Steve-O pointed out that Sandoval is really good-looking. “Tom Sandoval is gorgeous, is he not?” he asked Vanderpump. “I think Ariana might disagree with you right now,” she laughed. “I think she referred to him as a piece of s*** in the reunion.”

Steve-O acknowledged that he was a “good-looking piece of s***.” Vanderpump said a lot of the cast members are “beautiful people.” She said she and Cohen were remarking at the reunion that everyone was so beautiful, and mentioned Lala Kent specifically as being “extraordinary looking.”

However, Vanderpump said she feels like the cast members take advantage of their good looks and get away with a lot of “dirty” and “naughty” things. Despite that, she told the podcast host that she loves all the cast members. “I love them all, all their follies and foibles,” she shared. “I love them all very much.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Producers Began Filming Again in the Wake of the Scandoval

The 10th season of “Vanderpump Rules” had long finished filming and was already airing when the massive news broke, sending shockwaves through the Bravo universe. However, Cohen later confirmed that producers began filming again to capture the fallout of the scandal.

The reunion has also been filmed since then, which means the events of this March will be included in the 10th season of VPR. A source close to production told The Hollywood Reporter that there will be at least one extra episode added to the season to show the latest events.

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