Why Aren’t Whitney or His Mom Patricia on the Southern Charm Reunion?

Southern Charm

Getty Whitney Sudler-Smith and Patricia Altschul in 2010

During the Season 7 reunion of Southern Charm, some fans might notice that some of the cast members are missing. Where are Patricia Altschul and her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith? Why aren’t they a part of this year’s reunion?

Typically, both Smith and Altschul have declined their invitation to the Southern Charm reunions. In 2016, Altschul replied to a fan on Twitter asking if she was flying to NYC for the reunion, in which she replied, “No…I don’t do reunions!” And, although Altschul’s son, Smith, has been on a few reunions in the past, he has taken a bit of a backseat on the show. Smith was a full-time, official cast member during the first three seasons of Southern Charm, but has retired into the role of a “friend of” since then.

However, even though Smith may not have a full-time role on the show anymore, he has a large role behind-the-scenes. Smith is the executive producer of Southern Charm, and also created the Southern Charm: New Orleans. 

Fans can catch part one of the Southern Charm reunion on January 28 at 9/8c on Bravo.

Patricia Altschul Posted About the Upcoming ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion on Twitter

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Although it doesn’t seem like Altschul or Smith will be making an appearance during the Season 7 reunion, Altschul did post about it on her Twitter. On January 23, Altschul tweeted a sneak peek clip of the reunion, writing, “What do you all think of the #southerncharm reunion trailer?”

In response, many fans seemed to think that the trailer was missing Altschul and Smith, as well as Altschul’s butler, Michael Kelcourse. “Way too much mean dialogue and not enough Patricia and Michael!” one fan wrote. “Pringle is a good addition, but Leva needs to go. Madison’s time is also about up. Very disappointing season.” Another fan agreed, writing, “I think it was a really rough season, with not nearly enough Ms. Patricia and Michael. Hoping the show can figure out the casting, because this group really doesn’t work.”

Patricia Altschul Was Convinced by Her Son to Appear on ‘Southern Charm’

During a May 2019 interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Altschul revealed that her son had to convince her to appear on the show in the very beginning. However, one push seemed to do the trick. “He did tell me at the beginning, ‘Just be on it for five minutes and that’s all you have to do,'” Altschul revealed about her role on the show. “And now he says, ‘Mother, please don’t talk too much. Watch what you say. Edit what you say.’ And, of course, I just say whatever pops into my head. But I think that gives him ulcers.”

Altschul continued, explaining that when she moved back to Charleston, South Carolina, she never imagined herself being on a Reality TV show. “Never in my wildest dreams,” Altschul said. “I came to Charleston to sit on my chaise and eat bonbons and read trashy novels… and now he’s got me working.”

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