Scheana Shay Shares Information About the Location of Her Wedding

Scheana Shay

Bravo Scheana Shay.

 Scheana Shay of “Vanderpump Rules” fame and her fiance Brock Davies got engaged in 2021. The couple, who began dating in 2019, are parents to an 11-month-old child named Summer.

During a March 2022 episode of her podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” Shay mentioned her upcoming wedding ceremony to her guest, Dolores Catania of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fame. She revealed that she and Davies have decided they would like to get hitched in Mexico. 

“We’re going down to Mexico in a couple weeks to look at some venues down there, we were going to do Bali but their quarantine laws just keep getting extended and it’s just not going to work out so we’re going to go look in Mexico and we have four venues we’re looking at and we’re going to see if one of those is going to be the right fit,” stated the 36-year-old. 

The mother of one went on to say that they plan to have their wedding at the “end of August” 2022. 

Scheana Shay & Brock Davies Discussed Planning Their Upcoming Wedding

Shay and Davies spoke about planning their wedding in a different March 2022 episode of “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay.” The mother of one shared that the couple had “narrowed it down to a few locations in the same country.” 

“Now we just need to figure out which part of the country we want to go to, how much one place costs versus another,” stated the “Vanderpump Rules” star. 

She also noted that she has had to focus on “cutting the invite list in half” to stay within their wedding budget. 

“We really need to figure out who is on the cut list and that’s the hardest thing. I want to invite everyone but budget wise it doesn’t make sense,” asserted Shay. 

She then shared that she was unsure if she would invite some of her friends. 

“This is so hard like I was hanging out with people the other night and I was like I’m like you’re on the B-list but like we’re friends and one of them was even mentioning the wedding to me and I’m  like stop talking,” recalled Shay.   

Scheana Shay Spoke About Having a Prenup

During a January 2022 appearance on the “Viall Files” podcast, hosted by Nick Viall, Shay and Davies shared that they would be signing a prenuptial agreement. Shay mentioned that she was married to her first husband, Mike Shay until they finalized their divorce in 2017 after three years of marriage. 

“I’m divorced. We are both divorced and my first divorce took me for half of my bank account because we did not have a prenup and although you never get married thinking that it’s going to end, but you also don’t go swimming thinking that you’re going to drown. You know, there’s still a lifeguard there,” shared Shay. 

Her fiance, who joined the cast of “Vanderpump Rules” for its ninth season, then asserted that he “was definitely okay with” having a prenup. 

“I respect what Scheana has built and I respect her property and then it also takes out the question from everyone, ‘oh Brock’s using Scheana as a stepping stone to get on a show and like using her.’ When we met, I didn’t know about the show as I found out about the show, we were in a pandemic, so there was no show. And so, I think that was our saving grace for us because we got to have our relationship off cameras for a year and a half,” explained the Homebody Live Fitness CEO. 

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