Thomas Ravenel Reveals Who He Still Talks To From ‘Southern Charm’

Thomas Ravenel Southern Charm cast

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Thomas Ravenel said he only stays in touch with one of his former “Southern Charm” co-stars five years after his exit from the Bravo reality show.

In comments to fans on Twitter in September 2023, the former “Southern Charm” star, 61, noted that most of the cast members are much younger than he is – and he even described a few of them as “boring.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Thomas Ravenel Says He Only Sees Whitney Sudler-Smith

In September 2023, Ravenel answered fan questions on Twitter, now known as X. When one follower asked him if he still stays in touch with his former castmates, Ravenel said he no longer lives in Charleston, South Carolina, where the show is filmed, and instead lives two-and-a-half hours away.

“No, I had kids and moved to Aiken,” Ravenel replied to a fan. “Sometimes when I’m in Charleston, I’ll meet up with Whitney [Sudler- Smith] and go out for dinner and drinks or stay at his house and listen to him shred one of his beautiful electric guitars. He’s a phenomenal guitarist. The others are like a generation younger than me. Even Shep [Rose] is 17 years my junior.”

Ravenel also hinted that he rarely sees former co-star Kathryn Dennis, with whom he shares two children, Kenise and Saint. When a fan asked for an update on Dennis,  Ravenel alleged that she hadn’t seen their kids in 11 weeks.

Ravenel, who also claimed he was “the only person on the show who was actually from Charleston” when it debuted,  went on to agree with a commenter who said Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, and Craig Conover are all “boring.”

“Watching them bicker is like watching kids in a sandbox fighting over a toy,” Ravenel wrote. “It’s so absurd it’s comical. mindless entertainment for people who don’t want to get too invested. There’s a market for it and with the writers/actors strike it’s only getting more traction.”

Ravenel claimed viewership has plummeted for the show since his exit, and also revealed that he does not get residuals for his past episodes of “Southern Charm” but wishes he did because “some people only watch the reruns.”

Thomas Ravenel Called Leva Bonaparte ‘The Most Boring’ Person on ‘Southern Charm’

Leva Bonaparte

BravoLeva Bonaparte

Elsewhere in the fan Q&A, Ravenel claimed he left “Southern Charm” because he was “bored.” He also proceeded to call Leva Bonaparte the “most boring” person on the show.

According to Page Six, in a now-deleted tweet posted on September 2, 2023, Ravenel wrote, “Just watched the latest update on Southern Charm and can’t believe the most boring person on there is still Leva.”

In another tweet, Ravenel wrote that Bonaparte “was good in season 1 before they pushed a narrative on her.” The former politician accused Bravo of using Bonaparte, who is Persian, as a person of color to talk about racism issues.

Bonaparte responded to Ravenel’s comment with a clapback,  per Page Six. In a post captured by @CommentsbyBravo, Bonaparte wrote, “lol when 60-something-year-old men keep going after women it’s odd…. isn’t it?”

“No point in listing what made him great TV, that would be a little much, love that he still tunes in. Wish you and the kids well Thomas. God speed,” the “Southern Hospitality” star added.

Ravenel was a cast member of “Southern Charm” for five seasons. In 2018, Deadline reported that he was “removed” from the Bravo reality show in the wake of sexual assault allegations from his children’s nanny. But Ravenel claimed he exited the series because he did not like how producers portrayed him.

“I’m not doing the show anymore,” the “Southern Charm” veteran told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “In the contract, they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.”

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