EXCLUSIVE: Tracy Tutor Says Her New Business Is ‘Pissing off People’ & She Loves That

Tracy Tutor

Getty Tracy Tutor in 2021.

A star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” says she is pissing people off with her new business venture and Tracy Tutor couldn’t be happier about that.

Tracy, who appeared on the show for seasons 10 through 13, has partnered up with two women (one of whom is Fredrik Eklund’s sister) for a new healthy, zero sugar wine called un’sweet.

The wine, Tracy says, is kicking up dust in the wine industry, and making a lot of the age-old wine connoisseurs upset … but she likes that.

“You could remain in the elitist wine world and I know a lot of those people. They’re quite boring, to be honest,” Tracy told Heavy via a Zoom wine tasting. “There is an inaccessibility. It’s just not accessible. And so for the person who lives in middle America and want to drink wine and they work hard and they’re raising kids, or they’re killing themselves in school, and want to come home at the end of the day and have something that they can drink that’s affordable, but also not terrible for them. And they feel like that’s something that they can share with their friends without the stuffiness or the appearance of it coming across a certain way like, that’s what makes America great. And that’s why I That’s why I like the idea that this is pissing off people in the wine industry.”

The wine is priced at $13 a bottle and sold in three or six packs online. They offer a Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio and are working on champagne, to be released soon.

Tracy Called the Wine Industry a ‘Stuffy Sort of Elitist Group’ & She Wants to Change That so Everyone Can Enjoy Wine

Tracy explained that wine higher-ups weren’t exactly thrilled that they were offering inexpensive wine that was of good quality and delivering it in a way that traditional wines are not marketed. She said the wine business is incredibly closed and not welcoming to drinkers who want to do things differently (like put ice in their drinks, for example).

“That’s something that nobody ever really talks about or exposes because there’s such a tight-knit group of people and they protect one another,” Tracy said. “So by these two ladies showing up in Napa, I think you guys told a story about this, but they were telling me they had gone to Napa and they were having these conversations and it was like a roomful of men, and they were not thrilled that these two European women were there and that I was towing along and we have sort of something different to offer and something different to say and you know, when you ruffle the feathers of the powers that be, you know you’re doing something right? So that’s why I’m proud of it.”

Tracy, along with Lisa Agerman and Malin Eklund hope to make wine more accessible to the casual drinker who don’t care about all the intricacies of grape choices and aging and other details that hardcore wine drinkers care about.

“The wine industry is this stuffy sort of elitist group where there’s not room for everybody and I think that’s kind of BS,” Tracy said. “I want to make room for everybody to be able to enjoy wine, drink it however they like. And that’s why when you girls were talking earlier about the whole ice in the wine thing. We should be able to drink our wine exactly how we want it.”

Tracy Reflected on Her Role as the Only Female Cast Member on ‘Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles’ & What That Means to Her

On the evening of the ‘Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles’ finale, Tracy reflected on the season and in particular on her role as the only female cast member.

“Being the female cast member on this show is something I have always been proud of, but it resonated more this year than ever before,” she wrote on December 16, 2021. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to represent women in my industry and share my professional and personal life and all the messiness, beauty, failures, and successes that have come with being me. More importantly, it has inspired me to speak up more openly about the challenges I face as a woman in business and hopefully do my part to help inflict change.”

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