Why Christmas Abbott Was Arrested

Christmas Abbott's mugshot

Hillsborough County Sheriff Christmas Abbott's mugshot

In case you missed it between seasons of Big Brother, contestant Christmas Abbott got arrested when she was nearly due with her son, Loyal. Here’s what happened between her, Loyal’s father, and the baby daddy’s new girlfriend, all of which ended with Abbott’s arrest.

Loyal’s Father is Benjamin Bunn

After her first time on Big Brother, Abbott began dating CrossFit gym owner Benjamin Bunn. In August 2018, there was an incident at his gym where Abbott attacked a woman named Samantha Jane Morse, the woman she thought he was cheating on her with, according to Soap Dirt. An eyewitness told the police that Abbott was ramming Morse’s car with her SUV. In her statement to police, she confirmed that Bunn was her son’s father but that they were no longer together.

The jail didn’t want to book her when she was so close to her due date, so she wasn’t booked until November 2018. She was released on her own recognizance and in May 2019, she agreed to a plea deal that earned her 25 hours of community service, an anger management course, and a year of probation, plus she had to pay the victim for the damage done to her car, according to TMZ.

It’s all a moot point now, however. Abbott revealed in December 2020 that she and fellow all-star Memphis Garrett started dating after the show.

Christmas’ Son Turned 2 During ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Abbott gave birth to her son on October 8, 2018. He was born at 11:28 p.m., weighing in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces and 22.5 inches long. She announced her pregnancy with an Instagram post that said, “This is the best thing I will do in my life. Motherhood.”

She frequently posts photos of him on her Instagram account, most recently right before she went into sequester before filming Big Brother All-Stars.

“Holding on to all the tiniest moments with this little squish and never leaving a chance to shower him with endless kisses. Don’t they just grow up too fast? Mommies, raise your hand if you’ve been feeling so too!” she wrote on a photo of her kissing his little cheek.

To celebrate her first Mother’s Day, she put up a post of herself seven and nine months pregnant and Loyal at six months old, writing, “I get all the feels when I look at these photos and all the others in between. My journey has been unique and not without a little struggle or a handful of lessons. I am full of gratitude everyday to have my sweet son in my arms every morning. He is all I need and all that is good. I’m beyond excited for my first official Mother’s Day coming up. Shout out to ALL mommas out there. Extra hugs and love and to all the single mommas doing it on their own and making it look good! I know everyday you give your best!”

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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