Is Daniel Larusso’s Wife Amanda on Cobra Kai Married in Real Life?

Courtney Henggeler

Getty Courtney Henggeler poses at the LA Family Housing Annual LAFH Awards And Fundraiser Celebration in 2019.

Since Cobra Kai‘s premiere in 2018, Courtney Henggeler has portrayed Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) wife, Amanda. Due to the fact that she plays a supportive spouse on the show, some fans may be curious if she is married in real life. 

Henggeler Wed Ross Kohn in 2015

The actress does, in fact, have a husband. According to an October 2018 post from her Instagram account, Henggeler tied the knot with producer Ross Kohn in 2015. 

“3 years ago in a magical place called @bedfordpostinn I vowed to make this man chicken once a week. Pretty good bargain if you ask me. I’d wish you a happy anniversary to your face @rosskohn but you haven’t stop snoring in 7 hours so I figured…take it to social media!” read a portion of the post, along with two pictures from their wedding day. 

She had previously revealed in a different Instagram update, that was uploaded on August 29, 2018, that Kohn had proposed to her “in Madison Square Park” during a 2014 stay in New York. 

The Couple Are Parents To Two Children 

The couple also has two children together, Oscar Noah and Georgie Healy. Georgie was born in March 2019, and Oscar will be turning four on January 25. 

Henggeler celebrated Father’s Day in 2019 by sharing a sweet Instagram post, in which she complimented her husband’s parenting skills. 

In the humorous post, she did note that she initially wanted “the father of [her] children” to be singer Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block fame. She stated, however, that she “never [met] Jordan Knight.” 

“But I would meet @rosskohn hands down the best person to ever make babies with,” continued the actress. “If I had to pick out the perfect person to be my dad it would be you! Wait. That came out wrong. What I mean is I love you! I can’t imagine there’s a better father out there. I mean maybe Jordan Knight, but I guess we’ll never know. Happy Father’s Day.”

According to Henggeler, Kohn also implored her to continue her career as an actress when she was considering quitting a few years ago. In a recent interview with Newsday, she revealed that her husband’s insistence for her to keep her insurance from the Screen Actors Guild eventually led to her appearing on Cobra Kai

“I’d just had my son. I decided I was quitting acting. I’d been doing it for so long, since I was in my twenties,” explained the 42-year-old. “It was exhausting and I just wasn’t getting any further. I told my husband, ‘I think I’m done.’ He was like, ‘That is amazing. I support you in whatever you want. However, we get our health insurance through SAG [the Screen Actors Guild]. Can you hang in there a little longer until we find a plan B?’ Within the next week I think I got the audition for Cobra Kai.”

The mother-of-two has also spoken about her character’s marriage. While talking to LRM Online, alongside her castmate Mary Mouser who plays Samantha LaRusso, she described Amanda and Daniel’s relationship, stating, 

When I think about our characters, I think that Daniel is pure emotion and heart. I think he’s a lot of heart and cares a lot and I also think that he also reacts with his guts and his heart. And I think Amanda balances him out in that way. She’s a little more steadfast and thinks things through and like has a more objective opinion when he can’t help but follow his instincts and his heart. so I think they’re kind of like a great little team, a great little pair. They compliment each other in that way. 

To see more of  Henggeler as Amanda be sure to watch Cobra Kai Season 3, available on Netflix.

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