Are Robby & Sam Still Together on Cobra Kai Season 3?

Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser

Getty Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser pose together at The Paley Center for Media.

Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan)and Samantha “Sam” LaRusso (Mary Mouser) officially became a couple during Cobra Kai Season 2. Despite having vastly different backgrounds, the pair seemed to be a good match. This may have led some viewers to wonder if the teenagers are still together in Cobra Kai Season 3. 

Unfortunately for fans who loved the couple, Samantha has moved on. This, however, may not be surprising to some, as their young couple already had their fair share of issues during Season 2. 

The Couple Began Their Romantic Relationship Midway Through Season 2

Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser Comic-Con

GettyTanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser speak during San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Day Two.

Before dating, Robby had reservations about being with her. When they almost share a kiss in Season 2, Episode 5, “All In,” he pulls away and explains he does not want to complicate his living situation, as he is staying with the LaRussos. The pair finally move forward in their relationship and kiss in Season 2, Episode 7. Later in the episode, however, Sam’s ex-boyfriend Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) goes over to the LaRusso’s house to bring back Mr. Miyagi’s Medal of Honor that had been stolen by his Cobra Kai teammate Hawk (Jacob Bertrand). However, Sam is upstairs, so Robby answers the door. 

When Sam asks about who was at the door, Robby lies and says, “Nobody. Had the wrong house.” In the following episode, the couple attends ‘80s Night at the roller skating rink. 

Upon entering the roller rink, Sam interacts with her rival Tory Nichols (Peyton List), who is working at the venue. It is soon revealed that the Cobra Kai student is romantically involved with Miguel. While skating, Robby asks Sam, “Is everything okay,” to which she responds, “Okay, I’ll admit, it’s kind of weird running into your ex. Plus that girl Tory is the worst.”

Sam later goes over to the counter to fix her broken skate, where she runs into Miguel. The former couple confronts each other over their current relationships. She later has a physical altercation with Tory, causing her and Robby to be thrown out of the roller rink.

In Season 2, Episode 9, Sam and Robby attend Moon’s party, where their relationship gets further strained. Aisha reveals to an inebriated Sam that “Miguel returned Mr. Miyagi’s medal” and “gave it to Robby.” Sam then apologizes to Miguel, and they share a kiss while Tory watches.

In the season 2 finale, Robby comes clean about the medal, and Sam almost confesses to kissing Miguel before the bell rings. While the students are in classes, Tory goes on the intercom and threatens Sam. They meet in the hallway, and the Cobra Kai student confronts Sam about the kiss, much to Robby’s dismay. Soon the members of Cobra Kai face off Miyagi-Do students.

Robby fights Miguel and accuses him of “taking advantage of Sam” at the party. Miguel is disturbed by the accusation and states that Sam is in love with him. Eventually, the fight escalates, and Robby kicks Miguel, which causes him to fall over the balcony. 

Robby Goes on the Run After Injuring Miguel 

Tanner Buchanan, Xolo Maridueña and Mary Mouser

GettyTanner Buchanan, Xolo Maridueña, and Mary Mouser pose at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2019.

In Season 3, Episode 1, it is revealed that Robby is on the run after stealing a 1993 Dodge Caravan from the LaRusso Auto Group. He is taken to a juvenile detention center, however, in the following episode.

During Season 3, Episode 3, Sam visits a partially paralyzed Miguel in the hospital and gives him a sweet card. After he reveals that his upcoming surgery has been a financial hardship for his mother, Sam organizes a car wash fundraiser and is interviewed about it on the news. While in juvie, Robby watches the interview and is mocked by fellow inmate Shawn Payne for losing Sam.

In Episode 4, Robby is in the process of responding to Sam’s many emails, writing, “Sam, I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch. I’m just having a hard time.” Shawn, however, unplugs the computer before he can send the message.

In the following episode, Robby is released from the juvenile detention center. Meanwhile, Sam and Miguel team up and convince the City Council to move forward with the upcoming All-Valley Karate Tournament, which had previously been canceled. After the meeting, the two go to Miyagi-Do and flirtatiously spar. Robby sees the two embracing and is upset.

He walks towards them and asks, ‘Did you two get together the second I was gone or wait a week to make it look good?”

Sam assures him that “it’s not like that.” He briefly pauses and says, “now I know why you stopped writing.”

“I stopped writing because you never answered,” explains Sam.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to write in between getting my face busted in!” retorts Robby.

He then accuses her of not caring about him, which causes Miguel to defend Sam. Robby attempts to hit him, but Sam intervenes. The season ends with Miguel and Sam restarting their romantic relationship and Robby joining forces with John Kreese (Martin Kove).

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