Cotton Candy on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 1/13/2021

The Masked Singer Cotton Candy

FOX Cotton Candy in the "Group B Playoffs - These Masks Don't Lie" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

For episode 3 of The Masked Dancer on FOX, the remaining 4 contestants from Group B take the stage for more performances, guesses, and clues. One of those Group B performers still in the competition is the Cotton Candy.

Here’s what we know about the Cotton Candy, and which celebrities could be performing behind the disguise of the Cotton Candy mask:


Cotton Candy on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues

When the Cotton Candy took the stage for their debut performance, the judges noted that she appears small, calling her “young” and a “pop princess.”

At the start of Cotton Candy’s first clue package, she said, “I’m definitely a perfectionist, but things in my life haven’t always been sweet.” She herself a “Wiz kid,” and said she had to live with another family when she was younger to “chase her dreams,” suggesting that she moved away from home.

She said that while she once “had trouble keeping up,” now she is “feeling more glamorous than ever.”

Some of the major visual clues that popped up during the Cotton Candy’s first video clue package included candy, a ladybug, a witch’s hat, 3-pound weights, an English-style breakfast, a bowl of corn flakes, cupcakes, and a clock.

The Cotton Candy’s “Word Up” clue, which she delivered in her real voice, was “primetime.”

For the Cotton Candy’s second clue package, she revealed, “I grew up in a place where life was carefree and simple… for everyone but me.” After she referenced being “iced out from kids my age,” the judges wondered if she might be a professional figure skater.

She also said she missed her highschool prom growing up.

Some major visual clues from the animated video were a scale, lipstick, a hawk with an American flag on it, and a “The Cotton Candy Story” picture book.

The Cotton Candy’s second “word up” clue was “team player.” The judges guessed she might have been on the Olympic team.

Cotton Candy said her fall during rehearsals last week was not her first time falling on television.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Cotton Candy Guesses

The judges think Cotton Candy is a classically trained dancer; after her first performance of the season, they guessed it might be Jenna Dewan, P!nk, or Julianne Hough behind the mask.

Fans of the show and of Dancing With the Stars think that it’s Hough behind the mask, due to clues about her upbringing as well as Cotton Candy’s response to Craig Robinson when he said “Hey Julianne!”

After the Cotton Candy performed to “Sour Candy” Lady Gaga ft. Blackpink, guest judge Cheryl Hines said she thinks the celebrity behind the mask is a professional athlete. Ashley Tisdale said she thinks the celebrity is a gymnast, a professional dancer, or an ice skater.

Paula Abdul guessed Jenna Dewan yet again. Tisdale guessed Tara Lipinsky, and Hines agreed with her.

Brian Austin Green guessed Kristi Yamaguchi, who won Dancing With the Stars and is a published author.

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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