Celebrity to Enter Lamar Odom’s Rehab Center After Legal Issues

Lamar Odom

Heavy/Getty Former NBA player Lamar Odom is stepping up for "Jacka**" star Bam Margera.

Former NBA player Lamar Odom is stepping up for “Jacka**” star Bam Margera.

Odom — who competed on season 28 of “Dancing With the Stars” with Peta Murgatroyd as his partner — invited Margera to detox at one of his rehab facilities after the stunt performer was discharged after being placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in California on June 4, per TMZ.

Odom, 43, visited Margera during his mandatory hospitalization, according to TMZ, and it appeared as if Margera, 43, accepted Odom’s offer.

TMZ published a picture of Odom sitting at Margera’s bedside, holding up devil’s horns. Margera, who wore a hospital gown in the photo, was hooked up to monitors.  He grinned in the photo and made hand gestures as well.

Odom told the outlet last month he would offer Margera a place at his rehab if he wanted the help.

“If his problem was alcohol and drugs, I would reach out my hand to him, give him a bed in my facility, my wellness center,” the former NBA star told TMZ. “If he wants the help, then it’s here for him. I’m reaching out my arms to him.”

“All he has to do is show up, if he wants it, though,” the Los Angeles Lakers star told TMZ. “I love him and just say strong.”

Before Margera’s 5150 hold, he went on social media and threatened to “smoke crack” until he died if he wasn’t able to see his 5-year-old son, Phoenix, whom she shares with his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd, according to TMZ.

After being released, Boyd’s attorney told TMZ on June 9 that Margera’s texts went from innocuous to “abusive.”

“Bam has started texting since his release from the 5150 hold, but the content quickly turned abusive, calling Nikki awful names, saying she is the cause of all his problems, even saying she’s a ‘gold digger,'” David Glass told TMZ.

Margera’s attorney, Peter Thompson, claimed to TMZ that the former skateboarder was upset because Boyd filed documents while he was in the hospital, asking for “$15,377 in child support, spousal support and $50K in attorney’s fees.

“Bam continues to support her and Phoenix even though she won’t even allow a phone call or FaceTime with Phoenix,” Thompson told the outlet. “He just wants to see his son and continues to come up against a brick wall on that. Contact would go a long way in getting this resolved.”

Margera and Boyd have been married since 2013. Phoenix is their only child.

In April, Margera turned himself into the police after they issued a warrant for his arrest, Page Six reported. He was charged with “one count of simple assault, one count of harassment and four counts of terroristic threats with the intention to terrorize another,” according to an arrest warrant reviewed by Page Six. Margera pleaded not guilty, according to the outlet.

According to TMZ, who reviewed the police report, Margera’s brother, Jess, told police that the “Jacka**” star hit him in the head and said “I’ll kill you. I’ll put a bullet in your head.”

Odom Has Struggled With His Own Demons

Odom has had his own battle with substance abuse. In 2015, he was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, the New York Times reported.

“All my doctors that see me say I’m a walking miracle,” Odom told Kevin Hart in 2018 on “Cold As Balls” about his near-fatal overdose, around the 8-minute mark of the episode.

“I had 12 strokes and six heart attacks when I was in a coma,” he added. “Every day, I’m alive. It’s much better than the alternative.”

Odom said it was “big” that his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, was by his side during his health scare, but the spotlight the Kardashians attract made things hard for him.

“It f***** with my head, bro,” Odom told Hart. “It made it tough to go outside. Every day, waking up, watching TMZ seeing if you’re going to be on it for the wrong reasons. It’s not a comfortable feeling.”

Odom Said He Was ‘Saved’

In an Instagram post on April 3, Odom said he was saved by God.

“So Blessed,” he wrote. “Please meet my partners and staff at my new addiction treatment centers @odomwellnesstreatmentcenters located in San Diego County!! God saved me, so I can save others.”

In April, Odom opened three recovery centers —Odom Wellness Treatment Centers — in Southern California to treat people who are suffering from addiction.

“Lamar’s mission is to give back and allow all clients the ability to live and benefit from the same Entourage that supports and encourages his recovery,” says the mission statement on Odom’s website.

Odom told TMZ Live is was his “purpose” to save other people after surviving his near-fatal overdose seven years ago.

“When God had saved me from that accident, I was trying to find my purpose—and I think I may have found it,” he told TMZ Live. “I know I have found it.”

“For me to have rehabilitation centers and wellness centers is a big deal,” he added to the publication. “I want to put them everywhere. Drugs are bad everywhere.”

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