Maksim Chmerkovskiy Reveals Season 32 ‘Dark Horse’ (Exclusive)

DWTS season 32 competitors.

ABC A DWTS celeb is a "dark horse."

With the premiere of season 32 of “Dancing With the Stars” just about a week away, fans are getting really excited to see who brings what to the dance floor.

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, former DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy shared who he thinks the one to watch this season is. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s his wife Peta Murgatroyd’s partner, Barry Williams.

“I think the dark horse in the competition — if you’re going to put your money on someone and you feel like really going after that payout? I think Barry and Peta are the couple,” Chmerkovskiy told us.

Williams rose to fame in the late ’60s/early ’70s when he portrayed the role of Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch.”

“I feel like people kind of underestimate them from just seeing the cast,” he continued. “And I think that it’s incorrect. I think that you should be watching out for Barry. Barry’s the man,” he added.

Here’s what you need to know:

Peta Murgatroyd Says Barry Williams Is in a ‘League of His Own’

Murgatroyd has been working hard alongside Williams in preparation for the September 26, 2023, season premiere, and she’s seen a lot of potential in her partner.

“Barry’s in a league of his own. He’s in his own category. We are doing our thing. We are working hard. I couldn’t be prouder of him,” she said. “I think people need to watch out for Barry. I’m just gonna say it,” she added.

“I think Peta and Barry are the couple,” Chmerkovskiy chimed in.

Elsewhere in the interview, Chmerkovskiy says that Barry is “ready” and that he “came prepared.” He says that it’s been “incredible to watch” his wife and Williams in rehearsals and that Murgatroyd is “very much less stressed” which tells him that “Barry is a nice guy.”

Fans are really looking forward to seeing Williams take the ballroom, too, as evidenced by the numerous Reddit threads about him.

Peta Murgatroyd Is ‘Looking Forward to Going Live’

Barry Williams.

Barry Williams is on DWTS.

Murgatroyd competed on season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars” with “Sex & the City” actor Jason Lewis, but the two were the first ones sent home. In the time since, Murgaroyd and Chmerkovskiy welcomed their second child — a son they named Rio.

In the months following Rio’s birth, Murgatroyd has worked to get her body back in dancing shape and she’s ready for what’s ahead. In her interview with Heavy, we asked what she was most looking forward to getting back in the ballroom after baby.

“I’m looking forward to going live,” Murgatroyd responded. “I love performing. I love that, you know, ‘3, 2, 1! Okay, we’re on live!’ It’s exciting. I’ve missed it. We do one show a year now so we only get to do this for three months out of the year. And I just miss the stage,” she continued.

When we asked Murgatroyd if she was nervous about the upcoming season, she said that “right now” she’s “okay.”

“Barry is the man. You guys. I’m telling you,” Chmerkovskiy said.

Murgatroyd admitted that she will be “a little jittery” on premiere night, but she’s feeling really good and really positive in the days leading up to it.

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