Tyra Banks Says ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Rumors Come From Somebody ‘Trying to Hate’ on Her

DWTS Tyra Banks

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Another week for Dancing With the Stars seems to mean another rumor about host Tyra Banks and her performance on the show. This time, Banks called out the rumors, saying that she believes she knows who has been starting them.

After Monday’s Villains’ Night episode of DWTS, Banks spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the rumors surrounding her, specifically the rumor that she banned anyone from the Real Housewives from being cast on the show.

Banks had already denied that those rumors were true, but she went even more in-depth with what has been happening behind-the-scenes in the new interview.

Banks Believes She Knows Who Started the Rumors


According to Entertainment Tonight, Tyra Banks said the rumors surrounding her and the Housewives were completely false and probably came from someone inside DWTS who doesn’t like her.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” she said. “I don’t even understand. You know what, there are some people out there who are just trying to stir stuff up.”

She added, again, that she has nothing to do with casting on the show, meaning that she would have no say in who was asked to be a part of any season.

“Second of all, I’m a freaking businesswoman,” Banks added. “The Real Housewives are some of the biggest stars in this country. So that’s just somebody trying to hate, and there’s a lot of that going on right now.”

She said that she believes she knows who started the rumors, but she has yet to call them out on their actions.

Banks Says It’s Likely the Rumors Started Internally


In the interview, Banks shared that she believes the rumors are coming from inside DWTS. 

“There will be another rumor next and another one,” she said. “After a while, I’m just going to be like, ‘I just can’t even answer this crap anymore.’ There’s somebody that’s hating. Somebody that’s mad there are changes on Dancing With the Stars so they are making stuff up.”

The original rumors started early last week when a source told OK Magazine that Banks didn’t want any of the housewives to be on DWTS. 

“Tyra is the new boss and made it clear that she didn’t want any more Housewives in her ballroom,” a source told OK. “She thinks the show needs to aim higher and only book the ladies after everyone else has passed.”

The source added that there were several women involved in the Real Housewives franchise that would gladly go on the show, but Tyra reportedly said that she does not want any of them in the ballroom right now.

The report also stated that Banks believed the show should be focused more on ratings than anything else, and they said she believed that the Real Housewives would not bring any viewers to the show in comparison to other new stars like Tiger King’s Carole Baskin.

Banks vehemently denied the rumors in more than one report. She also said that next time something like that comes up, she would like if the subject of it came to her directly, especially if it’s the Housewives or Bethenny Frankel again.

“I gotta say, Bethenny, girl, next time just call me!” she said. “Because people are crazy. I buy your popcorn! I buy her popcorn. She’s got some good-a** popcorn. And I buy her popcorn and then I hear all this stuff. I’m like, just call me!”

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