Emma Slater Appears Cozy With Another DWTS Pro in Fan Video

Emma Slater.

Heavy/Getty Emma Slater spotted getting cozy with Alan Bersten.

A fan captured a video taken from a meet and greet with some of the “Dancing With the Stars” pros on tour and someone shared it on Reddit.

In the video, which was originally shared on Instagram, Alan Bersten had his arm around Emma Slater’s neck, making some people wonder if the two are an item.

Rumors about Bersten and Slater have been circulating around the fan base for months, and some are convinced that the two are dating. Neither has confirmed or denied that they are anything more than just friends.

Slater was previously married to DWTS pro Sasha Farber. Slater filed for divorce in February 2023. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Slater cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Are Curious About Emma Slater & Alan Bersten’s Relationship

After seeing the interaction between Slater and Bersten, some fans are convinced that the two are romantically involved with each other. However, there are some other fans who think the interaction was completely innocent.

“Alan and Emma? This may be nothing but it seems like they only interact when they don’t think cameras are on them. Im sorry if this post upsets people,” the original poster wrote.

“I would say it’s not something if we were in the era of old pros because all those pros used to be touchy feely like this,” someone else said. “Now it’s kind of rare which is making me eyebrow raise this, he doesn’t do that with the other female pros not that I’ve seen..it’s not enough to go on that they’re something but I wouldn’t be surprised. Could be just in a friendly way but ya know so many rumours about them in general,” the Redditor added.

“I didn’t see anything but Emma and Alan,” a third comment read.

Fans Noticed Emma Slater & Alan Bersten Holding Hands in a Tour Photo

The newly uploaded video isn’t the first time that fans got to see Slater and Bersten interacting.

In mid-December 2023, the official Instagram account for the “Dancing With the Stars” Live tour posted a few behind-the-scenes photos from rehearsals prior to the premiere night. In one candid photo, Slater’s hand was on top of Bersten’s.

There didn’t appear to be anything outwardly romantic about the picture, but some fans took to Reddit to react.

“Side piece moving up to boyfriend status after 4 years of waiting. You go guys,” one person wrote.

“I can’t believe they would post this lol,” someone else added.

“People are so ridiculous. Like honestly who cares what they do now. Who cares if they’re just friends who cares if they decide to date in the future….. Emma and Sasha are no longer together and it’s not her job to limit herself to only ever talk to, date, or just be friends with people that Sasha’s going to approve of,” a third commenter said.

“I feel the same way for him. Who cares who he potentially dates or is friends with. People are just looking for some BS to still tie Emma and Alan based off of rumors from years ago that at the end of the day, if they even were true which I still don’t believe anything happened, who cares. I don’t think cheating happened, I just don’t think Emma and Sasha were on the same page and insecurities in that played a part in why they aren’t together now,” the reply continued.

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