DWTS Insider Says Gleb Savchenko ‘Shaded’ His Season 32 Partner

Gleb Savchenko.

Heavy/Getty/ABC Gleb Savchenko dragged by DWTS insider.

Longtime “Dancing with the Stars” pro Gleb Savchenko made some comments that aren’t sitting well with fans. Some other people with connections to the show were also taken aback by what he said.

“I wasn’t pleased at some of the things he had to say about some of his older contestants,” DWTS insider Kristyn Burtt said on the April 5 episode of the “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” podcast.

Meanwhile, retired DWTS pro Cheryl Burke called the interview “shocking.”

During one part of the interview, Savchenko told the U.S. Sun that he wanted a younger dance partner with some experience and someone who is attractive on a future season of the show. The reason? He wants a better shot at winning his first Mirrorball Trophy. His comments didn’t sit well with Burtt, however.

“It came across as extremely insensitive. And given that he just had Mira Sorvino, it slightly shaded Mira Sorvino. And if I had just been his most recent partner, I would be very upset,” she said.

Savchenko and Sorvino danced on season 32 and finished the competition in 10th place.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gleb Savchenko Is Looking Forward to Winning His First Season

Although Savechnko has competed for several years on “Dancing With the Stars,” he has never made it past the semifinals. When he was asked who his dream partner would be, Savchenko took the opportunity to share his hopes for the future.

“Number one, she needs to be a hard worker. If she’s a hard worker, that means with a lot of practice, we’ll get things done,” he told the U.S. Sun. “Number two, I do want her to have a little bit of a dance experience, dance ability to have rhythm, not be pigeontoed, be able to straighten her legs,” he added.

He also said he wants someone who isn’t “too old.”

“Here’s the thing, I know it sounds like, ‘Oh yeah, he doesn’t want to dance with an older partner.’ No, I love my partners that are older and they’re nice and we can hang out and have a cup of coffee or whatever,” he said, adding, “When it comes to hard work, I’d rather not take breaks because your knees are hurting or you fractured your wrist or something else.”

He also said he wants someone who can “handle the pressure of rehearsal.” And he’d also like someone “hot” and “nice to look at.”

“It would be nice that she’s likable and she’s this girl next door. And it would be nice if we can freaking win because she’s got a huge fan base,” he told the outlet.

Gleb Savchenko’s Comments Upset Many Fans

Burtt and Burke weren’t the only people taken aback by Savechenko’s words, either. In fact, a Reddit thread with quotes from his interview racked up well over 100 comments.

“Wow he doesn’t want anyone old. Then meanwhile you have Peta who got Tommy freaking Chong all the way to the semifinals and got Barry pretty far too. And not once did she ever complain,” one person wrote.

“The only thing I can say is: who does he think he is? LOL He is behaving like the third CBro but without any of that level of talent or accolades which makes it even more ridiculous,” someone else added.

“I hope the give him the laziest celeb who has no dance experience, oldest of the cast and is very hard on the eyes,” a third DWTS fan said.

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