DWTS Alum Makes Big Family Decision After Surprise Pregnancy

Jessie James Decker Vasectomy

Heavy Jessie James Decker's husband is getting a vasectomy.

A former contestant from “Dancing with the Stars” revealed a major decision she and her husband made after recently welcoming a new baby. Jessie James Decker and her former professional football player husband, Eric Decker, were surprised with a fourth child they had not planned.

Now that the baby has arrived, the DWTS alum says she and her husband are taking steps to ensure no additional surprise pregnancies pop up in the future.

Here’s what you need to know:

Eric Decker Will Finally Get a Vasectomy

Jessie answered fan questions in a string of Instagram Stories posted on March 6. One person asked, “Did you get tubes removed during cesarean so Eric doesn’t get a vasectomy now,” adding some emoji to signal the question was meant to be light-hearted.

The mom to four replied, “He’s getting it handled ina couple weeks. Don’t worry. I’ll keep u posted.”

The photo Jessie used with her answer showed Eric sitting in bleachers somewhere. He leaned back, his arms crossed over his chest, and his legs were shoulder-width apart. Jessie added a graphic of a pair of scissors angled toward where Eric’s situation will be “handled.”

The idea of Eric getting a vasectomy had been a topic of conversation for quite some time. Page Six noted that Jessie had publicly mentioned the possibility as far back as 2021.

In 2021, Eric had scheduled an appointment to get a vasectomy, Jessie had said. However, he didn’t go through with it.

She told Entertainment Tonight that was not the only attempt to have Eric get the procedure done. “I will say, he’d had multiple appointments booked to get a vasectomy to finish it off and he’d canceled it,” Jessie shared.

As Eric kept procrastinating, Jessie admitted that she had experienced dreams indicating the family was meant to have one more child.

The family already had three children, Vivienne, Eric Jr., and Forrest. Jessie noted, “We weren’t planning on having a fourth, but I’m just over the moon” after announcing her fourth pregnancy. The family welcomed another boy, Denver, on February 9.

Both Eric & Jessie James Decker Felt Moments of Hesitation Regarding the Vasectomy

Before her surprise fourth pregnancy, Jessie talked to Us Weekly about Eric’s hesitation in getting a vasectomy. In January 2023, she told the outlet, “I keep asking him, ‘Go make that appointment’ and he won’t. He just won’t do it.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” alum added, “He says it takes, like, his manhood away from him. So he’s just gonna leave it, I guess.”

When asked if the couple planned to expand their family, Jessie said, “I feel like as of right now, it’s probably a no.” She added, “I mean, you know, if it happens, it’s always a blessing. We’re not doing anything to truly prevent that.”

A year prior, in January 2022, Eric and Jessie talked to Us Weekly about the issue. She said, “He won’t book it. He will not book it.” He admitted he had filled out the paperwork to get it done. However, he resisted going through with it.

Eric explained, “It’s a little power being taken. That’s how I feel. I’m a little nervous about it, to be honest.”

Jessie added, “Just the idea freaks him out. I also feel like there’s a small part of him that doesn’t want to cut it off permanently because maybe he wants another baby down the road.”

She also admitted she felt she would cry when he finally did go in to have the vasectomy done. Jessie said their third child, Forrest, was the family’s “caboose.” However, she wasn’t convinced she was ready for Eric to have the procedure done, either.

Now, it sounds as if Jessie and Eric are on the same page after baby Denver’s birth. The “Dancing with the Stars” alum promised to keep fans updated, so everybody will be eager to see if Eric goes through with the plan this time.