DWTS Alum Welcomed Twins While His Estranged Wife Was Pregnant

Jimmie Allen Kids

Heavy DWTS alum Jimmie Allen revealed he has six children.

A former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant dropped a bombshell on social media that has his fans reeling. Jimmie Allen, who competed on season 30 of DWTS, revealed he is a father to six children now. That number includes twins he had not shared previously.

“This is MESSSSY. Bye Jimmie,” one critic quipped on Reddit after learning about the situation.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jimmie Allen Posted Photos of His Six Children

On March 19, Allen shared a string of Instagram Stories with fans. In one slide with just text over a black background, he wrote, “I have 6 kids. I love each one of them.”

Allen continued, “I refuse to let anyone make me feel ashamed of any of my children. The only opinion I care about is theirs.” He added a yellow heart emoji at the bottom.

The other Instagram Stories showed Allen with each of his children. First, he showed a photo of him with his oldest, Aaydn, who came from a previous relationship.

The next photo showed him with Zara and Naomi, two of his children with his estranged wife, Alexis Gale. Another photo showed the “Dancing with the Stars” alum with Cohen, the child he had with Gale during their separation.

People noted Cohen was born in September 2023. Zara is 2 and Naomi is 4.

The other two photos were the ones that had fans buzzing. One showed Allen with a baby named Amari, and the other showed him with Amari’s twin, Aria. The twins appeared to be close in age to that of Cohen.

Allen had never posted or talked about Amari and Aria before. People indicated the twins were born in July 2023. Allen and Gale announced their separation in April 2023, having married in June 2020.

Allen’s Estranged Wife Reacted to the Bombshell

In May 2023, Allen publicly apologized to Gale via Instagram, People shared. In the now-deleted post, he admitted he was sorry “For humiliating her with my affair.” That affair, however, was not the one he had with the mother of the newly revealed twins.

In his public apology, Allen continued, “I’m embarrassed that my choices have brought shame on her. That’s something that she did not deserve at all.” The singer also apologized to his children for “Being a poor example of a man and a father.”

At that time, the mother of the twins would have been quite far into her pregnancy. The affair he referred to seemed related to a lawsuit filed by his former manager.

On March 16, Variety reported that the lawsuit was dropped after a settlement was reached. Allen remains involved in an unrelated lawsuit filed by a different woman.

In October 2023, Allen and Gale reconciled. As TMZ shared, Gale shared a video on March 19 that seemed to reference Allen’s revelation about his twins. She also posted an Instagram Story that read, “Character is who you are when no one’s watching.”

In her video, Gale initially indicated she “Didn’t have anything to say.” She added, however, “Those lies. They’ll always catch up to you. What’s done in the dark will come out in the light. Every. Single. Time.”

Gale also noted that “People tell on themselves. They show you who they are, they always expose themselves.” She did not mention Allen by name. However, her timing and wording certainly suggest it was in response to her estranged husband’s Instagram Stories.

The DWTS Alum’s Revelation Sparked Criticism Online

Allen’s revelation about having six children rather than four generated a big response online.

In the “Celeb Wives of Nashville” subreddit, one Redditor noted, “I like how he twists it to any criticism is trying to make him feel ashamed of his kids. They’re babies. When they get older they might have opinions he doesn’t like about the situation.”

“To think, at one point I thought this guy was a great guy, great husband. Now he just disgusts me,” another Redditor noted.

“His poor wife. The amount of trauma she had to go through… and he clearly has no regrets,” read a different comment.

“Not Jimmie Allen suddenly announcing he had a set of twins back in July,” a fan tweeted.