Fans Spot Something Strange About Kristin Cavallari As She Recreates Famous ‘Laguna Beach’ Scene

Kristin Cavallari

Heavy/Getty/MTV Kristin Cavallari.

Dancing With the Stars” alum Kristin Cavallari took fans back in time when she posted a video with her “Laguna Beach” co-star Jessica Smith Evans.

In the clip posted to Instagram on May 5, 2024,  the longtime friends recreated a memorable “Laguna Beach” scene from 2004 in which they went to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make dinner for their high school boyfriends.

But fans noticed something about Cavallari, now 37, that made them think she’s still acting like a teen 20 years later.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kristin Cavallari Had Something Questionable on Her Neck


Cavallari and Smith recreated a scene from the “Laguna Beach” episode “The Bonfire” in which they shopped at Wild Oats Market ahead of a dinner for their boyfriends Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz.

In the new clip, the duo appeared to be at Whole Foods.

“Do boys like feta cheese?” Cavallari asked. Smith assured her they’d eat it. As they debated how much chicken to buy, Smith said, “Just a little bit because it’s gross when there’s a lot of chicken in your spaghetti.” (In the original scene, the two ended up buying just one chicken breast for four people because they planned to “cut it up into little pieces.”)

Cavallari captioned the clip with, “Do boys like feta cheese? #IYKYK.”

Fans immediately hit the comment section to react. Many recognized the scene right away.

“Do I remember anything from high school geometry? No. Do I remember this conversation verbatim?  Yes,” One commenter wrote.

Other eagle-eyed fans noticed that the mom of three appeared to have a suspicious mark on her neck.

“It’s the hickey on the neck for me,”  one commenter wrote.

“FIRST thing I saw😂,” another agreed.

“The hickey on the neck is truly giving Laguna Beach HS vibes,” added another.

Others speculated that the mark could be “a curling iron burn.”

“I doubt she would walk around with a hickey on her neck in front of her kids,” another wrote.

Another fan wrote, “She has a neck tattoo there. It’s a horoscope sign.”

According to People magazine, Cavallari does have a small Sagittarius arrow on her neck but it’s a simple line tattoo and does not appear to be in the same location as the questionable mark fans were referring to.

The speculation comes three months after Cavallari began dating 24-year-old “Montana Boyz” TikTok star Mark Estes. The two have been hot and heavy since February 2024.

Kristin Cavallari Introduced Mark Estes to Her High School Friends

Cavallari’s meetup with Smith came after she reunited with several of her Laguna Beach High School friends in Nashville, Tennessee. In photos posted to Instagram, the former MTV star posed with Smith,  Jason Wahler, Lala Olsen, Alex Hooser,  and Alex Murrel.

“When all the worlds collide,” Cavallari captioned the post with her friends and her new man.

Cavallari initially had concerns about dating someone so much younger than her. “Me dating a 24-year-old is not something that I was searching out. It’s not something that I at all ever thought would ever happen,” she said in an episode of her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast after she “hard launched” the relationship in March.

“I understand what it looks like to the outside world. I really do, I get that,” Cavallari admitted.

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