DWTS Alum Weighs in on Former Co-Star’s Surprising Romance

Audrina Patridge on Kristin Cavallari

Heavy Audrina Patridge is happy for Kristin Cavallari.

Aformer “Dancing with the Stars” contestant is sharing her thoughts on a co-star’s recent relationship reveal. Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari used to star on “The Hills” together and they also both competed on DWTS. Cavallari just debuted her romance with her new boyfriend, Mark Estes, and she has caught a lot of flack for it. Patridge, however, seems pretty tickled for Cavallari.

Here’s what you need to know:

Audrina Patridge Says Kristin Cavallari Deserves to Be Happy

On February 27, Cavallari surprised her fans by going Instagram-official with her new boyfriend. She posted a selfie showing her with Estes and in the caption, she wrote, “He makes me happy.”

As Cavallari launched her romance with Estes, Patridge showed her support. She commented with a heart emoji on Cavallari’s post with Estes. Now, however, she is saying more and made it clear she supports her former co-star.

Patridge talked with Us Weekly at a March 10 event, and Cavallari’s new romance came up. “At first I was like, ‘Is this real? Or is that a publicity stunt?'” Patridge admitted.

She was quickly won over on the pairing, though. “They’re actually really cute together,” Patridge noted. She suggested, “Maybe she needs to have some fun in her life.”

The two ladies connected via text after Cavallari revealed her relationship with Estes. Patridge shared, “I had to text her. … She was like, ‘Oh, thank you so much.'”

Ultimately, Patridge said, “I’m just happy for her. She deserves to be happy.”

Patridge also told Page Six, “I actually wrote to her, I was like, ‘Kristin, you guys make such a hot couple, congrats. Like as long as you are happy that’s all that matters.'”

The season 11 “Dancing with the Stars” alum also dismissed criticism of the age gap between Cavallari and Estes. “Kristin is the last person that ever would [care]” about something like that, Patridge told Us Weekly. She added, “She is going to live her life as she should.”

Cavallari Has a Lot of Support Despite Fan Criticism


An insider previously told Us Weekly, “After seeing them together, [Cavallari’s friends] realize Kristin and Mark have a genuine connection, and they see how happy he makes her.”

Another source told the outlet that Cavallari and Estes have been romantically involved “for a while.”

Cavallari’s post seemed to be the first that anyone outside of her inner circle knew of her romantic connection to Estes, who is 24 years old. Quite a few fans tore the divorced 37-year-old mother of three apart in reaction to her revelation. She clapped back at them on March 1 via a TikTok post, and the post received a big response.

In addition, Cavallari popped up in a video on the Montana Boyz TikTok page he has with his friends, too. The season 13 “Dancing with the Stars” alum’s appearance in a March 1 TikTok lifted the video to have 8.7 million views.

That isn’t the highest view total a Montana Boyz TikTok video has received, but it appears to be in the top three. The post also received nearly 350,000 likes, 10,000 saves, and 6,200 comments.

Not all of the comments on the post referring to Cavallari are favorable, but it wasn’t all criticism, either.

“Kristin Cavallari in a video with her son,” one person commented.

“It’s giving moms weekend at the frat,” quipped someone else.

“Y’all must b young in the comments. This is QUEEN Kristin. The original IT girl okayyy,” countered a Cavallari supporter.

“He was 4 years old when Laguna Beach first aired,” a separate TikTok user pointed out.

“Unpopular opinion: I’m here for it. Men do it all the time. Get it Sis,” read a comment from another Cavallari fan.