Kym Herjavec ‘Absolutely Heartbroken’ Over Hometown Tragedy

Kym Johnson Herjavec Heartbroken

Heavy/Getty Kym Johnson Herjavec expresses her heartbreak after a Sydney tragedy.

Former “Dancing with the Stars” dance professional Kym Johnson Herjavec took to social media to share her shock and heartbreak over a recent tragedy. The DWTS star is originally from Sydney, Australia, and her post appeared to be in response to a mass stabbing that took place at a mall in the city.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kym Herjavec Was Mourning a Tragedy in Sydney, Australia

On April 13, Herjavec shared a photo on her Instagram page. The picture showed two Australian flags flying half-mast atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“Absolutely Heartbroken 💔 🇦🇺,” the former “Dancing with the Stars” judge wrote at the beginning of the caption on her post.

“I am so shocked that something like this has happened in my beautiful home town,” Herjavec continued. She added, “My heart is Broken for the families who lost loved ones and everyone affected by this senseless and horrific attack.”

Herjavec did not specify it was the mall incident she was referencing. However, the timing of the post indicated that was the case. Many of the “Dancing with the Stars” alum’s followers commented referencing the tragedy, as well.

According to the New York Times on April 13, the attack took place at Sydney’s Westfield Bondi Junction shopping mall. A man identified as Joel Cauchi, 40, stabbed numerous people as he walked through the multiple levels of the shopping center.

Five people died at the mall as a result of their injuries. Another woman later died at the hospital. At least 11 additional people were seriously injured enough to be transported to the hospital.

A nearby police inspector, Amy Scott, shot and killed Cauchi after he lunged at her with his knife.

DWTS Fans Shared in Herjavec’s Heartbreak

Herjavec’s post received over 200 comments and 5,200 likes during the day after it went live. Her “Dancing with the Stars” colleague Val Chmerkovskiy was one of the thousands who “liked” the post to show Herjavec their support.

“Such sad news. There [are] no words to describe this. Love to all of them,” one of Herjavec’s followers commented.

“I’ve only visited Sydney & found the people so kind. Never felt unsafe there for one moment. I was in total shock when I first heard this sad news this morning. I’m so sorry,” added another.

“It is simply devastating, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and all those who now live with the trauma and with Australia too,” someone else shared.

“Tis a very sad day indeed, beyond devastating 😢❤️,” read a separate comment.

On April 14, Herjavec shared a photo on her Instagram Stories showing her after a Soul Cycle class. She was next to her husband, former “Dancing with the Stars” partner and “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec.

“I needed this for my soul,” she captioned the photo.

The New York Times noted that the mall stabbing was the worst mass violence incident in Australia since 2017. In 2017, six people died after a man drove his vehicle into a Melbourne mall. He had also taken a woman hostage and stabbed his brother before the car incident.

In 1996, a mass shooting in Port Arthur prompted tighter gun restrictions nationwide. 35 people died in that mass shooting. Since then, mass casualty incidents such as the Sydney mall stabbing have been rare.