Former DWTS Co-Host Is a ‘Mess’ Amid Family Update

A mother holding her daughter's hand.

Pixabay Leah Remini provided an update on her daughter's first year at college.

Former “Dancing With the Stars” competitor, co-host, and guest judge Leah Remini has shared an update after her daughter Sofia’s first semester at college.

In a post shared on Instagram, Remini revealed that her only daughter with husband Angelo Pagan didn’t end up liking the school that she enrolled in for her freshman year of college, so she left. Sofia moved home for a bit before enrolling at another school, and moving into an apartment, leaving Remini and her husband empty nesters once more.

“You’d think the second time would be easier, but Angelo and I are even more of a mess now,” Remini wrote on February 6, 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leah Remini Has Been Candid About the Feelings She’s Experienced Watching Her Daughter Grow Up

In May 2022, Remini shared a throwback photo of Sofia on her last day of high school. Remini was feeling a variety of emotions, which she expressed in the caption of the post.

“It feels like we dropped off our little nugget at kindergarten just yesterday. Her dad and I are a mess, as one could imagine,” she wrote, adding, “I am so proud of Sofia. Yet I’m scared and sad. I don’t know what my life was like before our daughter. So I’m open to all advice. Parents, how did you deal with this?”

In her update, Remini shared a video from the family’s TLC reality show “It’s All Relative.” In the caption, she expressed some of the same feelings, admitting that it was almost harder the second time around.

“She’s back at it now, going through all the things a first-year college student should be going through, and we, her parents, are going through what parents like us go through. Crying, not knowing what to do with ourselves now other than looking at pictures and videos and crying some more,” Remini wrote.

Leah Remini Says Her Daughter Is the ‘Best Thing’ That Has Ever Happened to Her

Remini has starred in dozens of television shows and movies, but she maintains that being a mom and raising her daughter has been the greatest joy of her life.

“The best thing that ever happened to me,” she captioned an Instagram post on National Daughter’s Day in September 2022.

Meanwhile, in an interview with People magazine that was published on February 7, 2022, Remini echoed that sentiment and explained how her role as a mother “changed overnight.”

“I’ve had the best job of being a mom with my daughter at home for the past 18 years. While I will always be Sofia’s mom, my role changed overnight, and it’s hard to celebrate the change,” she told the outlet, adding, “I miss her and worry too much about her on her own.”

Sofia has been coming into her own as she has gotten older, and her parents have been a part of her life every step of the way. The teen has grown up on television, too, which has not only been a unique experience for her — but it has also allowed fans an opportunity to see Remini thrive as a mother.

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