‘It’s All Relative’ Star ‘Trish the Nanny’ Dead After Battle With Cancer

Leah Remini.

Getty Images Leah Remini's friend Trish has died.

Leah Remini is mourning the loss of her dear friend, Trish, who had been a nanny for Remini’s daughter, Sofia, since she was a baby. Trish appeared on Remini’s reality show on TLC titled “It’s All Relative.”

Trish died at the end of April 2022 following a long battle with cancer.

“Last week, our beloved @trish_the_nanny passed away after a nearly decade-long, brave battle with cancer. Many of you got to know Trish through our show on TLC. Trish was a big part of our lives and continued to be even after our girl grew up,” Remini wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption.

Here’s what you need to know:

Remini Shared Memories of Trish on Instagram

Remini shared a video filled with clips from Trish’s time spent with Sofia and with Remini’s family over the years.

“In the last month, I feel so blessed to have spent quality time with her, and I got to tell her how much she meant to my family and me. I’m sharing the letter I wrote to Trish a few weeks ago while she was still with us. I wanted her to know how much she meant to me and how grateful I am for how she protected and loved Sofia,” Remini wrote.

She went on to talk about Trish’s personality, and her overall “love for life.” Remini said that Trish had a “twisted sense of humor” that she simply adored.

“I will miss Trish in ways I can’t describe in a caption. To her son KC, stepsons, her brothers, sisters-in-law, extended family, and friends. You know we are with you. Trish, I know you are bossing everyone around and making everyone laugh up there. We are going to miss you tremendously,” Remini concluded.

In addition, Remini shared a heartfelt note that she wrote Trish to thank her for the years of love that she gave to Sofia — and to the whole family. In the note, Remini credits Trish for helping her get away from Scientology and for ensuring that Sofia was raised away from the “cult.”

“You made me laugh everyday. You made me feel like a normal mother. You made me feel like a good mother. You gave me praise for wanting my daughter to grow up outside of this cult mentality. And you gave me validation when I doubted myself as a new mom,” Remini wrote.

Trish Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer After a Mammogram

Trish found out that she had breast cancer after going for a mammogram. Like a lot of women, Trish had put off the appointment, but ended up going for a scan after Remini convinced her to. This was featured on Remini’s reality show, “It’s All Relative,” which aired on TLC.

“Without Leah, I probably wouldn’t have gone to get a mammogram. Life gets in the way. So who knows where I would be today if she hadn’t forced me to go get that,” Trish said on the show, according to The Wrap.

In July 2021, Trish gave an update on her treatment.

“Most of you know I have been fighting cancer …the last 6 months has been a little rough …medicine failing …brain surgery …but I’m doing great!! I came home to find a box on my porch, from a charity @twistedpinkorg …it’s a charity that’s sends boxes to people fighting cancer . It’s was filled with masks, soap, makeup, hand soap and much more!!! Thank you @twistedpinkorg from a very grateful cancer patient,” she captioned a photo of herself.

On April 6, 2022, Trish shared an Instagram photo visiting with some family members.

“Nothing like a little fam time !!!!! To fill the soul with love my brother and wife and niece are here from London…… boy this goodbye is gonna hurt,” she wrote.

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