‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Shares Most Embarrassing Moments on Set


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Dancing With the Stars professional dancer Lindsay Arnold recently took to her Instagram stories to share stories about her most embarrassing moments. She shared multiple photos and videos of the times she’s been most mortified on Dancing With the Stars. 

Arnold usually posts a lot of photos of her daughter, Sage, on her stories, but this time she had more to say, reposting a photo of her and her fellow pro dancers Brandon Armstrong and Alan Bernsten dancing.

She wrote, “Reposting this picture because it reminded me of this moment I’ll literally never forget hahahaha swipe to next slide for a laugh.”

Arnold Shared a Video of Her Falling Onto Her Partner While Dancing

On the next slide, she shared a video of herself dancing with Bernsten that ended with them both falling after failing a lift.

In the next slide, she shared a video of herself laughing with tears in her eyes, adding, “I cannot stop laughing at that video, you guys, that actually happened! That actually happened in a show. People were there. They started laughing. Oh my God.”

Arnold shared that she would never forget the time that happened to her and thanked Bernsten for the memories.

“I will never forget that,” she said. “Like I can relive that entire moment in my brain, probably for the rest of forever, so, thank you, Alan.”

Bernsten had quite the response to Arnold in his own Instagram Stories.

“I’m glad you can replay that moment because maybe you can remember that you were the reason that I fell,” he said with a huge smile on his face. “People ask me what the most embarrassing moment ever was, and there it is! I can’t believe we did that. I cannot believe how fast we got up. So my fault. Wow. I miss you.”

Arnold then took the time to remind Bernsten that she was pregnant at the time, though she didn’t know it yet.

She said that it was probably the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to her, but then she rethought that and said that something else was more embarrassing.

Arnold Shared Her True Most Embarrassing Behind-the-Scenes Moment

After sharing the video of herself falling on stage, Arnold said that wasn’t even the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her.

“Still doesn’t top the time I farted in [David Ross’s] face on national television but it’s a close second for sure,” she wrote.

She added in videos of herself rehearsing with her season 24 celebrity partner David Ross where she fell multiple times before eventually farting in Ross’s face when he lifted her upside down. Both partners fell to the ground because they were laughing so hard.

“David dropped me on my butt, and then my butt was mad at him!” she can be heard saying. “It was just payback.”

She told her partner, “That was the most perfect way I could have farted in your face, but at least I did it with a bang, you know?”

Dancing With the Stars returns for season 30 in fall 2021.

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