DWTS Fans Slam Lindsay Arnold, Other Fans Clap Back

Lindsay Arnold on 'Dancing With the Stars' season 30

ABC Lindsay Arnold on 'Dancing With the Stars' season 30

It is hard enough being a woman in our society with the pressure to look and age a certain way, let alone being a public figure on display week in and week out on a national television show. Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans recently criticized professional dancer Lindsay Arnold’s appearance and some other fans were not having it.

Some Fans Think Lindsay Arnold Needs to Lay Off The Lip Fillers

Matt James’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the StarsMatt James and Lindsay Arnold dance the Cha Cha to “Give It To Me Baby” by Rick James on Dancing with the Stars 2021 premiere! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and Stream on Hulu!2021-09-21T02:42:20Z

In a Reddit post, one “Dancing With the Stars” fan posted a screenshot of Arnold doing an Instagram story and captioned it, “God, Lindsay needs to chill with the lip fillers, they do not work for her lips.”

A few others were quick to pile on, with one writing, “It’s horrible,” and another saying, “It makes her look old, [to be honest]. Her and Emma [Slater] gotta chill. They’re beautiful without it.”

One fan called them “bad fillers that have migrated” and another said they were “botched.”

This is hardly the first time some female pros have been criticized for their appearance. In a Reddit thread from two years ago, someone wrote, “How much botox/plastic surgery is Jenna getting OMG. Each time I see her she looks less and less like herself,” to which someone responded, “YES! … I find Jenna and Lindsay are getting more and more unrecognizable.”

Other Reddit Fans Are Not Having This ‘Misogyny’

In the original post about Arnold, many fans were quick to jump in to defend her, both in her appearance and her right to do whatever she wants if she does have cosmetic procedures done.

“Whether it’s a little bit of filler on a person’s face, belly button piercings or dyed hair it’s all just forms of body modification, & our freedom to make choices about it,” wrote one poster. “[And ]not that Lindsay needs my affirmation about this, but she looks good! I can’t wait to see her on the dance floor on Monday night.”

Several other commenters echoed those sentiments, with one writing, “I think Lindsay looks great and has been clearly glowing since she became a mom.” Arnold gave birth to her daughter, Sage, in November 2020.

Another added, “Why are fans so willing to criticize the women on the show over nonsense? Smells like misogyny to me.”

“Chill with the Lindsay hate,” wrote another, and a fourth added, “Sounds like you need to work on being a better person, [original poster].”

One user directed a comment straight to the original poster, writing, “What do you even personally gain with a post like this? The satisfaction that you’ve possibly made someone else’s day worse? Or that you may have taken a chunk of someone’s self-worth or confidence? This isn’t even about her dancing (which could still be a little rude, but more understandable).”

Another fan summed it up with, “This is a s***ty post.”

One Reddit user called out fans for only criticizing certain female pros, writing, “It’s funny that only Jenna, Lindsay and Witney get so much hate for getting fillers when almost all the females pros have gotten fillers and it’s also pretty obvious whether it’s Peta, Sharna, Emma or Cheryl. … It’s honestly laughable because we met Lindsay, Witney, and Jenna when they were 18 years old. I dare anyone here to pull out a photo of them at 27 and at 18: we will all look different.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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