Louis van Amstel Reveals If He’d Return to DWTS

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“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Louis van Amstel was a frequent pro partner for the first 15 seasons of the show before ostensibly retiring after the all-star season. But he has come back twice — in season 21 to partner with Paula Deen, and in season 31 to partner with Cheryl Ladd.

Fans have been wondering if the veteran pro would be up for another go-round next season and he finally gave his answer.

Louis van Amstel Said He Made Sure Producers Know That He Missed Being On the Show & That He’d Love to Judge

In an interview with The Blast, van Amstel revealed that he hasn’t made a decision about returning but he has made sure to tell the higher-ups that he missed being on the show.

“I’m not making the decision to bring myself back, but I made sure that the powers that be know that I’ve missed it,” said the pro dancer.

He added that he would be excited to step into Len Goodman’s shoes if the head judge should decide to retire.

“I’ve loved being back in whatever capacity, whether this is as a pro dancer or potentially if Len decides to retire, and I’m ready to step in, but only if he is ready to retire,” said van Amstel.

Van Amstel also pointed out that he used to coach many of the current pros and therefore it might be fun to create a new role for him as a mentor or coach of some kind.

“[M]aybe there’s a new role. I really love helping the other pros. Seventy percent of them, I was already their coach before ‘Dancing with the Stars’ started like Witney [Carson], she was 10 years. Lindsay [Arnold], Brandon [Armstrong], I mean since I live in Utah, they’re all in Utah. So many of them I already coached. So to kind of be a role, this would be a new role that I could be the one helping every couple to be their best, to be the liaison between the couples, and the production company and the creative team. I just love to be part of the show one way or another,” said van Amstel.

He also said that becoming a father — he and his husband adopted two boys, Jonathan and Daniel — has made him a better pro on the show.

“Being a parent makes you much more aware of the other person. You’re much more caring. I see it even on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Going into the pro rehearsals I feel like the dad, wanting to make sure everyone is okay — ‘How can I help you?’ Before the seven-year absence and prior to being on the show, it was like, ‘OK, we are competitors, we are doing this together but we’re still on our own turf.’ And now it’s just different,” said van Amstel.

Van Amstel Came Back in Season 31 Because Cheryl Ladd Requested Him Specifically

In an interview with KTLA in Los Angeles, van Amstel revealed that it wasn’t actually his idea to return to the show — his partner, actress Cheryl Ladd, requested him specifically.

“It was absolutely amazing [to come back] after seven years of not being on the show. I judged the Dutch version in Europe three years ago and then I got requested by Miss Cheryl Ladd. She said, ‘I’ll do season 31, but I’ll only do it with Louis,’ so what an honor, right, to be asked? I say this to everyone — I got requested back,” said van Amstel with a laugh.

When KTLA’s Sam Rubin asked the dancer if it was hard to come back after so long away from the show, van Amstel said he was actually in better shape now than he was when he left the show.

“No, it wasn’t, and here is why. Of course, I’m here to promote my LaBlast Dance Fitness … I was in better shape going into ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [now] because what we do [as pros] — yes, we’re hours in a rehearsal room, but we’re just teaching, we’re walking, we’re going through it slowly … but what I do for a living with my company LaBlast is every single day, 5-6 days a week, 50 minutes of cardio, muscle endurance, weight training,” said van Amstel, adding that he hasn’t had much time for his fitness program while he was on the show and his “waistline misses it.”

He added, “I love being back on the show. I hope this is the beginning of many more seasons to come, but that’s not in my hands.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific times on Disney Plus.

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