Mark Ballas Shares ‘Secret’ About Season 31

Mark Ballas

Getty Images Mark Ballas reveals a behind-the-scenes secret.

Mark Ballas returned to “Dancing With the Stars” for the show’s 31st season and fans are fairly confident that he will be taking his season partner Charli D’Amelio to the finals.

As the pair get set to dance their hearts on on the Monday, November 14, 2022, episode, Ballas decided to let fans in on a “little secret” about something that goes on behind-the-scenes. The information came during a Q&A that Ballas did on his Instagram Stories ahead of the new episode.

All of the finalists, including Gabby Windey, Shangela, Wayne Brady, Trevor Donovan, and Daniel Durant will perform twice and there will be a double elimination, effectively sending four couples to the finals.

D’Amelio and Ballas will be performing a Viennese Waltz to “Glimpse of Us” by Joji which Ballas has been teasing on Instagram. For their second dance, they will do a Paso Doble to “Espana Cani” by Pascual Marquina.

So, what’s the “little secret” that Ballas shared?

Here’s what you need to know:

Ballas & D’Amelio Admitted That Sometimes Their Dances Don’t Come Together Until the ‘Last Minute’

Although Ballas and D’Amelio put themselves out in front of the pack after their very first dance together, the competition is quite still and they have to continue to push forward and break through boundaries in order to ensure that they secure a spot in the finals.

In his Instagram Q&A, Ballas was asked how long it takes for he and D’Amelio to nail down their dances.

“Sometimes, it comes together quickly. Sometimes it takes a really long time. That is really frustrating,” D’Amelio said.

“Yeah, we’ll let you in on a little secret, cuz it’s hard to see everything in a two minute package when we’ve been in here for, I don’t know, six to 10 hours a day every day,” Ballas added.

“Sometimes they come together in the very last minute,” he explained. “The Tango and the Foxtrot were two of the hardest ones, I think, for us. Like, we were still finishing the Tango on Saturday, which usually you’d like to at least be done by Friday. Cuz I make changes if it’s not feeling good, or there’s an issue, or if something’s not comfortable for Charli. Like, I like to make sure that it’s just feeling natural.”

Fans Love to See the Interaction Between Ballas & D’Amelio

Shortly after the Q&A was posted, someone shared a clip of it on Reddit where “Dancing With the Stars” fans reacted to Ballas and D’Amelio’s fun banter and the clear friendship they have built throughout the season.

“You can really pick up on the big brother/little sister vibes in these and I wish they would show this in the official packages. She’s still a kid and she’s got a goofy side, clearly. SHOW IT,” one fan suggested.

“I can pick up on the big brother/little sister vibes between them. He is very protective of her like a big bother too. I am so excited to see their dances on Monday. Mark said in the video they dance 6-10 hours a day-I cannot begin to imagine how their bodies must fee after dancing that many hours a day,” another Redditor wrote.

“I’ve always liked how Mark takes care of his celebrities. He truly tries to make each person comfortable with his choreography and the outfits they have to wear. Hence why he kept getting people like Bristol Palin and Candace Cameron Bure to name a few. He’s a great pro to have,” someone else added.

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