DWTS Pro Made Her Husband Promise to Keep a Heartbreaking Secret


Getty Images A DWTS pro shares heartbreaking secret that she made her husband keep.

The past couple of years have been extremely trying for one “Dancing With the Stars” couple.

On June 21, 2022, People magazine published an exclusive article in which Peta Murgatroyd revealed that she had suffered three miscarriages in two years. In the candid interview, the DWTS pro shared the heartbreak that she and her husband, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, have been through while trying to conceive a second child.

Murgatroyd shared that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which helped explain the reasons she was unable to carry a baby to term. “I’m in a much happier place. I got answers,” she shared with People.

After the article was published, both Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy shared messages on their respective social media accounts. In Murgatroyd’s Instagram post, she dove a bit deeper into the feelings that she has experienced when it comes to pregnancy loss — the most recent of which was in October 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Murgatroyd Shared That Only 6 People Knew of Her Miscarriages

Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy have wanted to give their son, Shai, a sibling for a couple of years now. However, Murgatroyd was unable to carry her last three pregnancies to term, which has been a “traumatic, stressful, super sad journey,” according to her recent Instagram post.

Murgatroyd also shared that she was determined to keep her pregnancy struggles a secret, even making Chmerkovskiy promise not to tell anyone.

“I never wanted to tell anyone. A total of 6 people knew. Our families. But beyond that I was willing to take this secret to the grave. Literally, I made @maksimc swear to me that he wouldn’t tell a soul,” she shared.

Murgatroyd said that ultimately decided to speak out and share her story because “got sick of hiding it.”

“The first time I let it out of my mouth to a colleague I felt strangely better, like a piece of shame had chipped away. So I found the more people I told, the better I felt. I came to realize that there is nothing shameful about it,” she wrote on Instagram.

Chmerkovskiy Released a Statement on His Instagram Stories

The past couple of years have been hard on Chmerkovskiy as well, and he expressed such in a post on his Instagram Stories.

“We’ve had some really dificult [sic] years of dealing with life and everything it threw at us. Miscarriages were the worst part of it all,” he wrote.

“I am beyond proud of @petamurgatroyd for speaking out about this terrible issue and for making it easier for anyone out there who is going through the same,” he added. He also thanked People magazine for “the love and care” and the way the outlet handled the interview process.

As for where the couple goes from here, Murgatroyd shared that she has started the IVF process.

“I don’t have any other words but hope and positivity. I’m crossing my fingers that this is going to work,” she shared, adding that she is feeling “excited” for the first time in years.

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