Fans Urge ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to ‘Change’ Amid Casting Rumors


ABC "Dancing With the Stars"

Some fans are urging “Dancing With the Stars” to make changes to their casting process after a rumor that a certain “Real Housewife” was cast for the upcoming season.

The rumor first appeared on the site Bravo and Cocktails when someone sent in a tip titled “S(r)utton Her Stuff!”

“ABC have signed the newest southern fan favorite of Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ up to dance on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ her huge popularity and quirky person will keep people entertained next season,” the tip reads.

Fans think the tip refers to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Sutton Stracke.

The tip was anonymous, and there has been no announcement of any “Real Housewives” on the season 31 cast. In fact, the tip saying ABC cast the star may be an indication that it is not accurate, as “Dancing With the Stars” has moved to Disney+ for the upcoming season and is no longer on ABC.

When they got wind of the rumor, some fans begged the show to change.

Fans Want a Different Cast List For Season 31

After the rumor was posted, it was shared on Reddit, where some fans expressed their disappointment.

“Well usually I have a love hate relationship with RHW. One year I love that star, the next I can’t stand. Loved Kenya, so I have a feeling Sutton won’t be my favorite or even voted for by myself,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “I’d much rather see a change up in the cast and not the same old slots filled, but I won’t be surprised if this is true.”

“Casting needs to change it up,” another reply reads. “They go through the same categories every year. Football player, gymnast, bachelor star, housewife.”

Some people replied to say that they would love to see other types of sports players on “Dancing With the Stars,” especially more ice hockey players or retired baseball fans.

“Yeah no thanks I don’t want to see any housewife especially her problematic self on the show,” one person wrote. “Please stay in RH universe and leave dwts to deserving celebs. I’d like to say Kenya [Moore] was  arare exemption she genuinely seemed to enjoy her time, she was great to watch and was really likeable.”

Some Fans ‘Love’ the Rumor

The original poster said that they believe the rumor to be accurate.

“The bravo/housewife fandom is pretty accurate with these things,” they wrote. “Last season the Kenya rumours were swirling within the bravo community weeks before she was officially confirmed. So I feel like this is probably a safe bet but we will see.”

One person replied, “I wish it was Garcelle or Crystal but still love this!”

“I love this!” another person wrote. “She did ballet so she’ll have some potential. Love her on RHOBH.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 31 is set to premiere on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022. Derek Hough, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba will all return along with Tyra Banks and new co-host Alfonso Ribeiro.

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Kimberly Frist
Kimberly Frist
1 month ago

It’s not that contestants that made me stop watching it was Tyra banks! She’s just awful. I can’t stand to watch her, she doesn’t engage with the contestants like Tom and Erin did. It’s the Tyra banks show and I can’t watch that!!!

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