Robert Herjavec Poses With His Celebrity Lookalike: PHOTO

Robert Herjavec

Heavy/Getty Robert Herjavec.

Robert Herjavec met his celebrity lookalike in person, proving once and for all that they are indeed two different people. The “Dancing With the Stars” fan favorite posed with actor Jason Bateman after meeting him for the first time.

On December 18, 2023, Herjavec captioned a photo of him posing with Bateman at an event. Herjavec wore a tuxedo while Bateman wore a suit and tie. The “Shark Tank” millionaire captioned the photo to reveal that he is often confused for the actor.

“I’ve now been on TV for almost 20 years – the celebrity I most get mistaken for is #jasonbateman,” Herjavec wrote. “Always said if I met him, would take a picture – put aside the hair – do you see a resemblance? Very nice and funny guy btw.”

Fans Reacted to the Photo of Robert Herjavec & Jason Bateman

Fans know Herjavec, 61, from his longtime role on “Shark Tank” and his stint on season 20 of “Dancing with the Stars,” where he met his future wife Kym Johnson.

Bateman, 54, is best known for his roles in the comedy “Arrested Development” and the drama series “Ozark.”

In the side-by-side pose, the two stars’ similar features were apparent. Bateman keeps his hair longer than Herjavec does, but the men have a similar facial structure and a similar nose and mouth.

In the comment section, fans reacted to the  photo, with several pegging the two as “twins.”

“Are you on the left or the right??” one fan asked Herjavec.

“Never seen you two in the same room,” another cracked.

“Definitely see the resemblance 😂 great picture of two cool dudes,” a fourth fan chimed in.

“You finally met your twin brother!!! 🥰👏,” wrote another.

“Brothers for sure,”  another fan added.

Fans Have Speculated About Robert Herjavec’s Connection to Jason Bateman

While this is the first time Herjavec met Bateman, the two men may have nearly crossed paths in the past.  Both were guest stars on the same episode of “Good Morning America” on November 19, 2014, per IMDb.

A few years later, a theorist on Twitter compared Bateman’s TV character to Herjavec. “Hot Take: Jason Bateman’s character ‘Marty’ in Ozark is low key based off the real life ‘Shark Tank millionaire Robert Herjavec,” the viewer wrote.

“If they ever make a Shark Tank movie I got Jason Bateman as Robert Herjavec,” another fan wrote.

There are also several Reddit threads on the topic. “Anyone else think Jason Bateman looks like Robert Herjavec?” one Redditor asked in 2018. “Seriously, I thought they were the same person when I first started watching the show. I thought, ‘Isn’t that the guy from Arrested Development? Didn’t know he ran a big tech business too!’ lol.”

“I’ve been saying that for years. In interviews I get the two confused with each other,” another agreed.

Of course, not everyone thinks Herjavec looks like Bateman. In response to his post, several fans revealed they think Herjavec looks more like late comedian Robin Williams than anyone.

Others feel he looks more like actor Bradley Cooper. And another fan took things way back. “I think you look like a young Robert Conrad, when he used to be on ‘The Wild, Wild West’ as secret agent James West,” one fan wrote.

As for Bateman, he is said to also often be confused for actor Jerry O’Connell. According to People magazine, O’Connell spoke about it during an appearance on “Live With Kelly” in 2016. “I’m very good friends with Jason and we text each other – we have an ongoing joke,” O’Connell said. “Like, I’ll text him, ‘Hey, listen, the TSA lady at JFK [Airport] really liked ‘Arrested Development…”

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