Herjavec Twins Reunite With ‘Daddy’ in Sweet Airport Pic

The Herjavec family.

Getty Images The Herjavec twins reunited with their dad in Sydney.

The Herjavec twins reunited with their dad when he arrived in Sydney, Australia, on February 19, 2023. Hudson and Haven Herjavec, 4, were seen hugging their dad, “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec, after he touched down Down Under.

“Daddy,” Kym Herjavec captioned the photo of Hudson and Haven Herjavec giving their dad some love after not seeing him for an undisclosed amount of time.

Robert Herjavec also shared the same photo of his kids on his own feed. He kept one hand on the handle of his suitcase and leaned over a pole to embrace his two little ones with his other arm. “The best feeling,” he captioned his post.

The twins — Haven in a pink dress and Hudson in more casual attire — each had a balloon, which may have been a gift from dad or just something fun that mom splurged on at the airport.

Kym Herjavec arrived in Australia with the twins sometime in early February, based on her social media activity. It seems as though Robert Herjavec may have had some other obligations to tend to before he hopped on a plane to join his family.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Loved Seeing Hudson & Haven Herjavec Hugging Their Dad

It didn’t take long for fans to fill up the comments section on both Kym Herjavec and Robert Herjavec’s Instagram snaps.

“What a sweet welcome home Daddy! I know Daddy is happy to see these sweet babies and Kym,” one person commented on Robert Herjavec’s post.

“Haven and Hudson are so glad to see Daddy, I’m sure Daddy is so happy to see his babies! Love this picture,” read a comment on Kym Herjavec’s pic.

“Life is heavenly with beautiful kids, especially when they’re so cute and lovely!!! Beautiful family,” someone else added.

“That’s a ‘Love Actually’ moment,” a third Instagram user added.

Dozens more comments that included heart eye emoji and heart emoji were posted as well.

Robert & Kym Herjavec Have Been Traveling a lot With the Twins

Over the past several months, the Herjavec family has been traveling quite a bit, whether taking vacations in Italy or just weekend trips to New York City. It’s unknown how long the family will be in Australia, but they usually make the trek there at lease once a year.

Kym Herjavec shared a photo from the Sydney World Pride festival 2023 on her Instagram Stories on February 22, 2023. The ballroom pro hails from Australia and still has family there with whom she visits with whenever she’s back home.

In 2022, the Daily Mail shared photos of the Herjavec family in Australia around the same time. Robert Herjavec was photographed pushing his then 3-year-old twins in a double stroller while taking in the sights of nearby Bondi Beach and getting in some exercise. Kym Herjavec’s mom was seen with the brood as they enjoyed the outdoors.

In June 2021, Domain reported that the couple, who first met on “Dancing With the Stars,” purchased a $13 million in Rose Bay. The beachfront abode features breathtaking views and offers beautiful sunsets.

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