Fans React After DWTS Pro Gets Pulled Over by Police

A police car.

Heavy/ABC Rylee Arnold got pulled over by police.

The newest — and youngest — “Dancing With the Stars” pro Rylee Arnold was pulled over by police for texting while driving.

“Day is going amazing if you were wondering,” Arnold captioned a photo on her Snapchat. She covered her mouth, appearing to laugh. In another pic, Arnold was crying.

“Every time I get pulled over, I just cry,” she wrote. A few slides later, Arnold told her fans that she got pulled over because she was texting.

“I’m embarrassed to say this, but the police officer caught me on my phone which, thank you, for actually catching me and doing that,” she said. “I need to know better. So, yeah. Learn from your mistakes. I got a ticket. I cried because I just get emotional,” she explained, saying she wouldn’t ever “do that again.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Weren’t Happy That Rylee Arnold Shared That She Got Pulled Over

Shortly after Arnold shared that she’d been pulled over, many fans took to Reddit to discuss. Quite a few people thought that Arnold shouldn’t have been laughing off the incident and some even said that she shouldn’t have shared it online.

“Very bold of her to post this, but I’m glad she was pulled over for this at a young age. Too many people never get caught and continue texting/driving for years. Hopefully this lesson will stick with her,” one Redditor wrote.

“I think it’s good she posted it? Hopefully prevent others from doing the same?” someone else said.

“This is so immature and dangerous. To laugh about this? I see this too much on tiktok of people filming and driving.. WHY? People, please get off your phones while you’re driving. You could kill someone. It’s just stupid,” another comment read.

“Yeah, no. Keep that to yourself. She’s young and she’ll hopefully learn that you don’t need to post everything that happens in life,” a fourth person added.

Rylee Arnold Was on the DWTS Live Tour

Following her first season as a pro on “Dancing With the Stars,” Arnold was asked to join the live tour. She agreed and toured the country with her friends, performing in different cities all across the U.S.

The tour came to an end in March 2024, and Arnold went back to Utah.

“Wow can’t even put into words how much this tour has meant to me,” she captioned an Instagram post on March 28.

“Grateful for the entire cast and crew for seriously making my very first tour so memorable and SO special! Built so many amazing relationships in the last three months and made so many cool memories, lived out my dream and truly lived my best life!!! Thank you all for the support and truly every message and kind thing you guys have said to me has stuck and has made this all worth it! I LOVE YOU DWTS and everyone that’s in this video has impacted me so much,” she added.

She’s hoping to return to DWTS for season 33 but won’t find out if she’s part of the cast until later on in the summer.

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